Sunday, September 14, 2008

oh yea, about the alignment problem..

i understand that you guys were saying that my c-box was very low...

so after about 2 weeks of confusion, i realised my (old) layout of the blog didn't look right. like the posts were all over the place and tag board was at the very bottom. its cos you guys were using Mozilla Firefox!!! hahaha ya... so dumb hor...

so with this new skin... and the changes.. i hope it all will work now... do feedback ya? ahahah

oh, and i realised that the alignment went back to normal after i removed the ms swan post. lol!!! probably cos of all the videos then!!

yup. so if anyone still wants to watch the ms swan.. which i doubt, just head over to youtube and search "ms swan".

right. i dunno what to type already.. so, happy mooncake festival!!! enjoy your mooncakes y'all!! :D

credits: aunty yochana <-loads of recipes in there!! hahahaha

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