Monday, September 15, 2008

i'm so bored right now that i think i've gone mad.

seriously. went for din din with my mum juz now.. then suddenly got this ang-mo guy (you guess whether shuai anot) sit beside us. wahahahhaha. then he din order food or wad sia.. just sit there play with iPod. okay.. so lame la me.

so. i went for the jab on my own... din feel fear this time sia.. so weird that i scared myself lor.. then the needle pierced my skin.. but the pain okay.. leh... i expected worse.. so i was thinking "hmm.. not so bad afterall"... then like immediately after that, my arm went PAINFULLY numb lor. siao la... so long nv jab forgot how it felt like liao... pain actually starts when the liquid is injected into you.. the needle doesn't hurt much lo... sian. then on the way home suddenly felt like i'm addicted to jabs lor... like pain la.. but quite shiok too leh... shit.. i think i'm really bored to insanity. that time also lor.. secondary one or so... when all them milk teeth started falling out.. then the dentist injected local anesthesia for extraction lor. jab so many leh. at least 3 per tooth. can imagine the amount?? ya.. then sort of felt "addicted"... hmmm.. shit.. i really seriously think i've gone bonkers liao.

okay la.. i better stop here.. later i kena kidnapped to mental hospital. tata~

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