Sunday, September 21, 2008

i'm getting the last laugh. as always :)

oh. hahaha. look what is happening now? you're with him?? okay. no problem. cos you know what? i don't give a damn about it okay. so many years? he doesn't get it through his thick bloody skull that i don't give a bloody damn thing about this matter no more? huh? you think i'm the same old person you push around?? who doesn't make a stand for herself??? please la. its over. SO OVER.

i'm so ready to get over it already. hello??? can't you open your eyes to see it?? huh?? omg. its like. SO GOD DAMN CHILDISH. YOU'RE OLDER THAN ME!! for heaven's sake WAKE UP already!! jesus christ.

and you. another one. STILL talking about it??? i'm ALREADY long over it!!! hey!!! you know what? imma just sit here and chill alright? if you think, or HE thinks, for that matter, that its gonna mess up my tmr?? think again. get it through your thick thick skulls okay or hammer a hole so its easier okay. i don't bloody care, fine? so scram. go away. leave me alone. FULLSTOP.

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