Thursday, September 4, 2008

i played all night yesterday... :D

yes i did. in bed. dreaming in lala land. yup. so i had to control this "guy" who looks strangely like super mario... okay. so i had to jump my way through a forest. piecing together puzzles... of a very very complicated sort. theme was werewolves or something like that.

so adventure like huh? ya. so i think it happened cos me and xuan were talking bout super mario the other day in the bus on the way home... then i was reading jodi picoult's "the tenth circle" again cos there's nothing better to do when i can't sleep. okay. then somewhere in the story was bout this man who could morph into a wolf or something when angered or agitated. part of a comic daniel stone was drawing.

i'm totally lovin' it.

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