Monday, September 15, 2008

First day of "work".

i said "work" cos work, didn't really happen.

was actually looking forward to attachment this morning... slept very little... but woke up right on time. good okay. i'm NOT late :)

okay. anyway, headed to outram park mrt. met up with jean, fel, sharvena, alvin.. then walked to sgh... then waited for fara. who was late as usual, wahahaha and he wasn't wearing his uniform wor!!! so extra time to change. ahahhaha

so. took attendance, sat down. and i thought 'hospital orientation' meant a short tour and explanations of the hospital, and its services and its rooms only. and then, the lecturer announced that we wouldn't be going to our ward today. so i was like -.- la. how can sia. look forward then in the end... like this lor. good lor.

so minus the 1hr 15min tour of the hospital, 30min tea-break, 1hr lunch, it totals to
a grand total of 5.25hrs of yawn-worthy lecture lor!!!!!!!! FAR WORSE THAN WHAT WE HAD IN SCHOOL!!!

so we yawned, shivered(the room was really cold!!!!!), laughed(cos of too much shivering), played(games on handphone), and spaced out for the majority of the lecture.

sound interesting? that's my first day of "work" for you. *rolls eyes*

moving on, chiong home.. missy soh called on the way. and screamed at me about results, her attachment, and a handsome guy. then i chiong-ed even faster home, to see my timetable(SAME AS HER'S!!! :D THANK GOD!!! i don't think there's a change though...), and to see my results too!! and hell, i WAS pleasantly surprised lo!!! hahhaahh midnight studying actually works far better than other methods for me. dun ask me why. AHHAHAAH and i'm sooooo over the moon right now can!?!?!?! i got gpa 3.2!!!!! aiya. all you ppl who did better, probably don't have goldfish memory like me, are really really hardworking, or have brains made of god-knows-what. so don't talk to me okay. no la. just kiddin'. i'm such a nice person. *grins*

oh, and i know i should not be happy with a 3.2 but who cares la. okay. I AM HAPPY!!!!! :D

and then, i went through next semester's subjects. increased from 7modules to 9modules. FON(damn!!), NSL, AAP(ohh...*faints*) is still there. CELL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY(heard its gonna be tough..) , PHARMACOLOGY 1(this too...) , NURSING RESEARCH 1(i shall pretend that i didn't see the word "research") , SINGAPORE & WORLD ISSUES (why are we studying this?) , SPORTS & WELLNESS(hmm... wonder what i should take on...), all brand new.. oh, and of course, the Clinical Attachment...

right, i'm gonna go for my jab now. omg..

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