Saturday, September 27, 2008

F1 Grand Prix!!!

omgomgomg~~ i missed the preview ytd wor......

lol. anyway, suan bom woke me up today.. calling to ask if i wanna go out. hahahahaa then i realised that i slept over 15 hrs sia.. OOOMMMMMGGGGG~~~ shit lor. hmm.. slept abt 2.5hrs ytd before work... then K.O. from dhoby ghaut to home leh. then went home. bathed. then K.O. straight till when suan called lor. then i realised that i slept with my contacts in la. shit. and i'm so surprised i'm not blind yet sia. -.-

hahhaha then suan said tt the F1 preview was boring.. just went round and round and round oni.

okay. so good. never miss too much. wahahahaa. so sian lor. WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE AT THE TRACKS! WATCHING IT LIVE! NOW LEH! NOW ONLY CAN WATCH THE CHANNEL FREAKING 5 LA. SO GOOD HOR. !@#^& ROAR!!!!!!!!!!

ehem anyway, tonight got the qualifying rounds on channel 5 at 10 pm la. so go catch it yea?

this "car" is made of chocolate!!! 2000kg of 'em!!! its real-sized too!! doesn't have an engine though.. they spent 1 year melting the chocolate to make this.. i think.. hahahaha.. If you want one, you can wait 1 year you will be able to buy one for about $24,000!! :D lol

hhahaahahahahahhaah k la. moi gonna go lot one meet suan now. wahahhaha bye!! :D

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