Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 9

woohoo~ day 9 over liao!!! 5 days to go...

wore the damn stockings today... not much difference lor... cheat our feelings only. basket. now my nail hurts. ROAR and the stocking's got a greenish tint... to me.. and its so shiny lor.. so plastic sia. !@#*

aiyo. okay. on with the boring boring day. you tell the story for me can. i think you guys expert by now liao. same old things anyway.

except, today FINALLY got assessed by CF for off plug -.- did that so many times still wanna assess lor.. hmm.. nvm. this time at least not so irritating la. the patient veh gooood too...

then ard noon got last office lor. so sad. then got prayers in the room. we weren't allowed to go in and observe.. cos isolation case la. but i remember alot alot of nurses and docs and a couple of sisters went in... family stayed outside though... first last office in W75 since our start of attachment.. okay. la. dun wan say liao. saddening stuff...

next, the ah ma who watches kids central is as cute as ever lor. hahahahaha.. really uber uber cute..

then today lynn and me visited fel's station too.. hahaa.. got "intro-d" to her patients.. also damn cute de leh!! hahaha they all like SOOOOOO CUTE. cute cute cute cute cute la!!! okay. you get the idea..

observed insertion of catheter and iv plug too.. so brave la they all..

then got one admission.

and then.. got the as-irritating-as-ever person..

then no call-bells de wor today... really lor.. all other stations de.. then lynn and me nothing much to do lor...aiyo... cos of the 8 single-bed rooms hor. only ONE occupied sia. then the other 4 four-beds room.. not fully occupied too la.

hmm.. tmr morn shift wor.. hope will be much much more interesting la.


okay. change topic liao...

remember the international plaza interview jean suan and me went for on 1st sept? yes? the "SECRET EVENT" is actually the freaking phenomenal (i guess) F1 GRAND PRIX okay!?!!??!!?

yes. not kidding!!! wadever lor. so asshole. we were MEANT to be there one la!!!!!! perfect job leh. but cos of this clinical attachment la. $@!@

so why am i bringing it up? cos today is the 25th la!!! and what happens tomorrow?!?!? THE FREAKING (PHENOMENAL) F1 RACE!!!!!! FOR REAL LA. go and die lor. if not can see the race leh!!! live sia. and all them hot stuff somemore. sian. dun wan type alr la. show you all pics la. if not my blog veh no colour again la.

this is you-know-who la.

Lewis Hamilton okay.

this is the F1 trophy. hmm.. dunno leh.. looks very no-comment to me leh.. hmm but on the other hand.. looks okay leh..

the guy is Zulkifle Mahmod. from Singapore, yours truly. wahahahaa. and yes. he designed the trophy..

with them show girls la.

SIAN. WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE THERE. and our freaking attachment should be first batch de lor. NOT FAIR.

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