Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 8

today is afternoon shift.. at Station A still...

hmm... on the mrt..
so funny lor. got mistaken for a filipino lor. -.- lol. this auntie la.. aiya.. dun wan say alr.. then earlier this year. steven liew la. the weird weird guy. haaah tot i thai sia. siao. good lor. i everything also look like meh!??!?! heng no "you from china?" yet. wahahaha or wad? "you from india?" -.-. okay. nvm.

then met jean + fel at outram park mrt... then went to housemen canteen before work.. saw dr ronnie there... afternoon shift is sian one okay. hmm.. then at ard 2pm.. meet again.. at tea room.. with CF and dr ronnie (again) hahaha.. then talk talk talk.. then the stocking guy came... then abt 3.30pm liao.. go back to work... then the usual la. i think i dunnid say you all also know liao.. but today finally got time to look at the case sheets. GOOOOOOD. erm.. then today shall be lao-sai day. yes. you ownself go guess wad took place most today. heh. no la. dunno why sia. so many ppl wanna diarrhoea..

hmm... then 9pm liao.. went home.. so sian lor...
eh.. tmr shall be afternoon shift too wor.. and the routine starts again...

6 more days!!!!!!!!!!

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