Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 7

today was normal.. STILL IN STATION A!!!!! :D
but this week is so different from last week wor.. last week got more life.. more things to do... this week so boring... hiazz...

today only did report taking, and the usual bedpan, smu, and stuff and one admission... oh, and CF assessed us to nasal prong today.. was -.- as expected... hmm... then went on to study the medicines again.. then for the "meeting" in the SDA room again.. checked our log books... then more medicine... then 3pm liao.. so go home lor...

hahaha, today got patients discharged too.. and i'm so happy lor. haha not only because they are well again lor.. haha got other reasons.. dun tell you.. muahhahaha

ahem. hmm... tmr.. is afternoon shift... wah.. ytd and today morning shift so boring liao.. tmr i think i faint in the ward alr sia.. haha nvm.

then tmr the supplier for the "circulation stockings" coming to meet us... eh... said to relieve the soreness of the feet... hmm... it'd better work lor.. walao.. stupid everworst shoe la. sian. walao. then the stocking's colour sucks lor. machiam plastic leg like that. -.-

7 more days to go!!!!! bound to have mixed feelings... but freedom is coming!!!!! WOOHOO!!! then KL TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D OMGOMGOMG

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