Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 6

YAY!!!!! Guess what???
today, lynn and i got to stay and work in Station A!!! turns out there's really no change la!!! :D WAKAKAKAKAKA.

scully tmr jiu change... -.- then i will confirm sian three-quarter one lor. hahaha. but still, i'm ever so thankful that i've got to stay in Station A for one more day!!! MUAHHAAHHHAH!! thank god la!!! hahaha

but today so lethargic lor. lynn is tired, staff nurse shima is tired, so many people are tired, i'm tired. *yawn*. conclusion, TIRED DAY. ya. i'm typical singaporean. :D
anyway, walao. sleep on the mrt all the way home just now lor... i sleep until i think beside me de ppl wanna murder me alr la.

okay. nvm. so today, mostly did bed-baths. oh yea, first thing in the morning, two aunties "welcomed" us to work with a request of bedpan lor. at the same time lor. good hor. so cute la. like anus-telepathy like that.

hmm... oh.. today, we ran out of blankets lor. completely la. so many ppl asking for blankets.. gotta run to central to take la. in the end central de all also ran out le. so run over to station b lou gor kai la. i took the LAST one okay. so heng hor... shhh.. dun tell ppl..

and then , CF kidnapped us after report taking to do NG tube feeding, tracheotomy suctioning, all that... so ke lian lor the auntie... like choke until so xin ku la. nb.. dun wan say alr. so du lan with someone. hmmmphh.

then at 1pm she kidnapped us again to do medicine la. so chiong lor. chiong to write down the names and contents of the diff diff medicines la. alot okay.

lol... other than that... nothing else sia.. today is uber boring lo.. very lil' call bells. very lil' things to do lo...

tmr is morn shift agn... i wanna zzz one can??? LOL

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