Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 5

and today, the week finally ended.. and i'm real sad. ya.. i know.. i'm so opposite la... but today.. before we ended our shift.. the staff nurse said that every batch also like that one.. aft one week then rotate stations... BUT I DUN WANNA.. so sad lor... i think even the staff nurse think that the rotate stations thingy is dumb.. cos she gotta teach all over agn??? but no choice la... must give other ppl chance.. then can complete signing logbook... hahah then staff nurse shima so cute lor.. she told me and lynn something.. hahaaha better not say la.. later my head chop off.. hahaha she is a veh veh goooooooooooooooooood staff nurse + teacher + friend k? veh veh veh good... so those going station A can look out for her... actually not only her la.. hahaha got staff nurse annabelle too.. she is ((super duper uber) X infinity) de good lor. she really teach you one.. then staff nurse lynette... got alot alot more la. can even say ALL very good. even some of the cleaners.. haha so if you are in station a, be rest assured that your week in that station will be an UBER great one.. its so GREAT that you will feel like giving up your break times. just to do extra work. i'm serious. it's that interesting.

okay. so today, report taking, meeting in break room (again!!) and got most of the practiced column signed... gotta work harder on competent column.. then usual work.. parameter, soft skills, urinal/ bedpan, off plug.. all la... haha really like my job la.. tiring but really interesting (when you have the right people to work with i suppose..).

conclusion for this week... it was excellent.
despite the "mishap" ytd.. yes.. i'm still thinking bout it.. hahaha
oh.. today something happened too la.. very poor thing la... so can understand...

LOL and today is SHIT DAY cos many many many people ask for bedpan and SHITTED. some multiple times (!!!) too.. AHAHAHAH
and also PAIN DAY. dunno why. but so many people in so much pain that so many painkillers were asked for la..

ytd was URINE DAY. ditto.

and here, i shall take back my words about afternoon shift being more relaxed than morn one..
it's like this, once you know what you gotta do, you will take initiative ma. so once you look at the big picture, really not that little things to do at all.. like today, was busy busy busy la. really veh veh veh busy hahaha cos its SHIT DAY!!!!!! :D hahahahaha so cute hor, one patient shit all wanna shit. plus all the hourly, 4-hrly, 6-hrly parameters.

next week, its almost confirmed bout the switching of stations thing alr... AND I'M SO SAD. 99.99% chance of changing stations. you go do the math. guess i'll just gotta DEAL WITH IT.
heard nasty things bout central and station b.. i'm so not looking forward to it. cross my fingers and pray hard hard la that things would turn out otherwise..... SIIGGHHH~~~

and my feet hurttttttssssssssssss............. SSTTTOOOOOPPPPPIIIIDDDDDDDD EVERWORST SHOE.

ok... so boring liao...
9 days left!!! cos the final week got ph, hari raya... so good orh....

okay. i'm going le..


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