Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day 4

today is my first day of afternoon shift..

today sucked and rocked at the same time.

afternoon report taking is quite different.. we gotta look through case-files on our own.. then the staff nurse will only go through a few of them... impt ones i suppose.. like duh.

then 2pm went for the daily "talk" in the break room.. uh... okay... shall skip that part.. hahahahahaha

then 3pm went about taking parameters... then about to start le, then CF came -.- then assessed us on admission procedure -.- ___ sucks. totally.

okay. then off drip two times. and one of them spoiled my day. shit okay. sian half. my fault la.. i figured i must have pressed the wrong part of the patient's hand, then when i removed the drip, blood started gushing out real fast from the IV lor. wort part was, i was alone!! and the family was watching!! then the bed was like full of blood... like BLOOD. so i stunned for a mo. then faster screwed on the yellow plug. then ran to get staff nurse.. so saddening lor. then my hands all blood can.. but the staff didn't scold sia.. i might have felt better if they did?? okay.. nvm.. then near break time heard someone suffered the same fate.. lol... its okay!! we shall try harder!! :) haha

then after that i chiong go read the patient's case file.. almost fainted.. with relief la.. the patient only admisitted for fracture.. heng lor. no wadever wadever..

overall, afternoon shift was far far far more relaxed than the morning shift??? cos really very very very lil' things to do sia... mostly bed pans.. ahahhaahah the gargle (inside joke)... then LOADS of parameters.. loads and loads and loads of em.. the busy part comes only at 7pm... haha ALOT of parameters to take

so much until me and lynn stay OT to try and complete.. hahaha but is our responsibility mah.. the staff nurse teach and help us untill their own schedule almost haywire... but they so kind la.. forced us to go home in the end.. around 09:25pm..

and i'm so sad... cos there's news that we will be changing stations from next week on... :'( sob.. gonna miss Station A's staff (they are the kindest of the three stations...), patients (most co-operative patients of the three stations..) and even the environment lo. its got the best environment too...

tomorrow is an afternoon shift day for me.. gonna treasure it.. alot.. cos its supposedly my last day in Station A...


(11 days to go..................)

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