Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 3

day 3 was great..

started with report taking as usual..
learnt new things.. did new things... cold compress.. collecting SMU.. then followed staff nurse down to radiology room to do PICC for patient.. only pre-PICC la.. ahhaha
oh.. then order medicine for staff nurse.. walao.. tell you hor.. the pharm ppl dao until sucks lor. nuff said.
then assisted with ambulation.. toileting.. oh ya.. remove cannula for the first time too today.. did two times of that.. off drip.. admission.. observed nasal prong.. and parameters.. observed dressing too.. it was bloody.. lol

then CF came down and assessed us for parameters. ___ sucked. won't tell you all.. later tell i die.. anyway.. so sian leh... when she came down to see us. got nothing for her to assess. when she gone, magically all the IVs need to be removed, drips need to be off, bedpans and urinals need to be served.. !@#$%^&*&^%$#@ ROARRRR

oh.. and i totally feel like strangling someone now.

today did far more things than yesterday la. new things.

tomorrow shall be the first day of afternoon shift.. 1-9pm.. hope it goes well..
oh.. and i totally feel like buying a wheelchair... hmm.. nvm.

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