Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 2

it was a tad boring...

reported to ward 75 signed in. got assigned to Station A today, which consists of rooms 1-12... partnered with lynn.. ahhhha.. she's nice :)

yup. so we were led to the nurses station for report taking. happens every start of shift.. walao. this gotta be the suckiest part of the job can. one staff nurse will refer to the case files of all the patients and will verbalise the patients condition, what are the doctor's orders, and what we must do today (eg: collecting specimen)... and the speed that the staff nurse use is like the mouth never stop one lor.. sentences stringed together.. then you are expected to catch and "scribble" down everything. got the hang of it near the end... i think hahahaha

then after that we just tagged along with one of the staff nurses.. then sometimes so awkward lor. lol. today did transferring of patient from wheelchair to commode/ bed, assisted in showering, handwashing, and PPE for the CF to assess.

other than that nothing much lei... station A consist of A and B class wards only la. so... not that many patients.. should say i'm damn lucky to be posted there lor. has the best environment de. air well-ventilated, air-con, less patients= less caregivers= less people= less confusion. good lor. lol.. but i think everyday will rotate de wor... sian lor... i like where i am can.. dun wanna go central or station b wor.. lol...
then so dumb leh. you know orientation of the ward? it started only when we're gonna finish our shift lor. nana. hhmmphh.then its like soooo sian. cos we already found out what goes where and what room that is on our own, or are taught by staff nurses or even the patients la. so its like totally useless + SIAN. but also good la. helped us pass our remaining 1hr plus of shift.. hahahhaaha
must maintain privacy of patients so can't share with you guys what happened. wahahahaha
then after work, we slacked in the tea room abit. then jean, felicia and me went to vivo... cos jean and fel wanted to buy crocs de.. lol.. you wouldn't believe how uncomfortable and painful the "compulsory" everbest shoes are la!!! waste money only. can use the money to buy better shoes know.. SIAN. okay. so when we reached the shop we found out that there is not enough stock for the one we wanted. so we cabbed down to marina square. lol. got the shoes.. then went to sakae sushi for buffet. lol. then went home around 6. so sian lor. i slept on the bus siol. took 2hrs to reach home.. -.-

i'm so not looking forward to tomorrow. tomorrow, we will be assessed for taking parameters. on REAL patients. omg.. so scary lor. then temp, pulse, respiration...

this one i post for fun only cos my blog is so dull!!! LOL

P.S: hahahaha now i really dunno wanna sign bond with wad hospital lor. SGH i like the place, but not the system.. abit disorganised to me.. then St. Luke's Hospital. i like the place and system. but the job abit saddening cos its like chronic cases mostly... then so sian you know... hmmm....

oh, and a SINGLE ward (eg: ward 75) is huge lor. so huge that it has to be divided into 3 sections. other hospitals like one ward quite manageable leh.. and not that big lo.. aiya dunno la. so -.-.. lol

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