Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 12

wooo~~ today was kinda busy.. busier than the last few days at least.. (:

and the irritating-as-ever woman is discharged today!!!!! WEEEE~!!! ahaahahahahhaahah
made everyone so happy you know. wakakakaka

then the uber cute ah ma who watches kids central left too.. that one jiu veh veh sad lo. gonna miss her lots man!! hahahaahah

then another auntie discharged too.. so many discharged today la. go for op one also so many. then must do the pre-op stuff...

2 more days left people!!!!!!!!!!!! :D and tomorrow is an off day!!!! :D :D :D

to all the muslims out there,


oh, as another bit of randomness, i really hate women who let their sons run around the bus to choose seats. like not their kids leh!!! so heck care.. kena kidnapped then they know sia.
and there's nothing worse than sitting next to such a kid. who is VERY VERY VERY, got-worms-in-the-ass, fidgety. keep moving one leh. never stop once for the entire 30 mins journey la. !@#!
then the feet anyhow kick people ard him somemore. nvm la.
the worse part is the kid is digging the nose until damn shiok liddat. for the WHOLE JOURNEY. then you know what the kid did? he ATE the "gold" he manged to get out. and then wiped his saliva all over his pants.
ok. imma puke now. bye bye.

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