Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 11

3 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOO~~~~~
time really flew..

today's gotta be the sian-est day of 'em all. yet, it wasn't all that bad. hahahahaa and moi feet ain't hurting.. miracle eh. wahahaa

today spent most of the time flipping through case notes and all. then going through the entire prep room. wahahaha now i really know where everything is. like finally. muhahahahaha. and Station A was really really empty. supposed to have two new admissions but cancelled after all. wahahha then room 11 was empty. like GOOOOOOD. and it finally smelt okay. wahahahaha dun tell you why. and finally some goooood news la. the irritating-as-ever woman is going!!!! muhahahha. along with another auntie. and hopefully. the future patients occupying the room won't make us go "HIAZZZZ" whenever we see the call-bell going off. muahahha

i can't wait for fridayyyyyyy!!!!!!!! :D

oh, this is so random, but the prep room is haunted, i think. haahhaahah.

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