Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 12

wooo~~ today was kinda busy.. busier than the last few days at least.. (:

and the irritating-as-ever woman is discharged today!!!!! WEEEE~!!! ahaahahahahhaahah
made everyone so happy you know. wakakakaka

then the uber cute ah ma who watches kids central left too.. that one jiu veh veh sad lo. gonna miss her lots man!! hahahaahah

then another auntie discharged too.. so many discharged today la. go for op one also so many. then must do the pre-op stuff...

2 more days left people!!!!!!!!!!!! :D and tomorrow is an off day!!!! :D :D :D

to all the muslims out there,


oh, as another bit of randomness, i really hate women who let their sons run around the bus to choose seats. like not their kids leh!!! so heck care.. kena kidnapped then they know sia.
and there's nothing worse than sitting next to such a kid. who is VERY VERY VERY, got-worms-in-the-ass, fidgety. keep moving one leh. never stop once for the entire 30 mins journey la. !@#!
then the feet anyhow kick people ard him somemore. nvm la.
the worse part is the kid is digging the nose until damn shiok liddat. for the WHOLE JOURNEY. then you know what the kid did? he ATE the "gold" he manged to get out. and then wiped his saliva all over his pants.
ok. imma puke now. bye bye.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 11

3 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOO~~~~~
time really flew..

today's gotta be the sian-est day of 'em all. yet, it wasn't all that bad. hahahahaa and moi feet ain't hurting.. miracle eh. wahahaa

today spent most of the time flipping through case notes and all. then going through the entire prep room. wahahaha now i really know where everything is. like finally. muhahahahaha. and Station A was really really empty. supposed to have two new admissions but cancelled after all. wahahha then room 11 was empty. like GOOOOOOD. and it finally smelt okay. wahahahaha dun tell you why. and finally some goooood news la. the irritating-as-ever woman is going!!!! muhahahha. along with another auntie. and hopefully. the future patients occupying the room won't make us go "HIAZZZZ" whenever we see the call-bell going off. muahahha

i can't wait for fridayyyyyyy!!!!!!!! :D

oh, this is so random, but the prep room is haunted, i think. haahhaahah.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Singapore F1 Grand Prix

wahahahaa this time was abit more interesting!!! The results didn't turn out as expected too.. hahahaha

1st Place: Fernando Alonso [Renault] of Spain
-completed 61 laps in 1hr 5 mins.

2nd Place: Nico Rosberg [Williams-Toyota] of Germany
-2.9 seconds behind

3rd Place: Lewis Hamilton [McLaren-Mercedes] of Great Britain

hahahahaa told you it was unexpected. Lewis Hamilton leh. 3rd place wor.

wait, you know Felipe Massa [Ferrari]? got in 1st yesterday right. today? the finals? he got in 13th place okay. the difference is so big one know.

then Kimi Raikkonen [Ferrari] who got in 3rd yesterday, didn't make the full 61 laps la. i tell you hor. so wasted you know. and he didn't crash at the last 50th or 30th or 10th round lor. he crashed when he was left with just 4 laps away okay. wah..


off topic: sian. tmr is work day again. and i'm not not not looking forward to it! i think of the irritating-as-ever woman and i go into sian mode straight away lor. holy mama. nvm. i shall ENDURE. 4 MORE FREAKING DAYS. GOD BLESS ME.

Happy Birthday Xuan Hui!!!!!!!!!! :D


hahahahahahaha, ytd's pics :D


this is missy soh a.k.a. [angel suan - halo]





Singapore F1 Grand Prix [Qualifying Round]

well.. watched the Singapore F1 Grand Prix [Qualifying Round] ytd. it was kinda boring... dunno why. shit lor. i'm still lamenting over the fact that i could have been there!!!!! you know... watch it live. would have been much much much more interesting la. you know. the crowd. the atmosphere and everything. sadded. nvm lo.

anyway, the crowd was HUGE.

Felipe Massa [Ferrari] got in first lor.
Lewis Hamilton [Maclaren Mercedes] got in 2nd.
-you know hor. he's so pro lor. i think halfway la.. he suay suay kena technical problems wor. then delayed wor. ended up in 14th place. but the last few mins of the race hor, wah, he totally pwn-ed everyone and completed the race in 2nd place leh. damn fast de wor...

Kimi Raikkonen [Ferrari] got in 3rd.
has the F1 fever hit you yet? it hasn't really hit me. nope. it hasn't. and its saddening.

i finally saw suan bom!!! after like 2 weeks!?!?!?!?

WAKAKAKAKA!! WE WENT TO LOT 1!!!!!!!!!!! i know la. so lame. but better than nothing ma right. hahahhha

went to newyorknewyork... WAHAHA. got this guy so funny lor. keep "nodding" to da music. LOL. then me and suan LOL-ed at the pose he made before entering the kitchen lor. HAHHHAHAH. oh. and we chatted and chatted and chatted so much until got headache lor. haaahhhahhhahahah!!!!!!

then we went to cotton on!!! bought a hoodie for her.. haahaahaa then went to aries. then buy kl nessecities. then went to this san3 bookshop. hahaa then walked around a lil' bit. HAHAHAAH actually wanted to catch a movie de wor... but nothing to watch sia. HAHAA so about to head home. then dunno why ended up in YAMI Yogurt shop lor. why huh? HAHAAHAHAHAHAH

then waited for bus w/ suan lor. HAAHHAAH she was the ONLY PASSENGER LEH!!!! so VIP wor someone!!!!!

ehem. okay. nvm. HAHAHAHAHAH

to conclude leh. i wanna wish suan bom a

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I HEART YOU LOTS LOTS!!!!!! <3<3<3>

WAKAAKKAKA hope you like your pressies!!! :D

ps: gonna post pic some other time k? maybe tmr.. MAYBE. hahahaahahaha

Saturday, September 27, 2008

F1 Grand Prix!!!

omgomgomg~~ i missed the preview ytd wor......

lol. anyway, suan bom woke me up today.. calling to ask if i wanna go out. hahahahaa then i realised that i slept over 15 hrs sia.. OOOMMMMMGGGGG~~~ shit lor. hmm.. slept abt 2.5hrs ytd before work... then K.O. from dhoby ghaut to home leh. then went home. bathed. then K.O. straight till when suan called lor. then i realised that i slept with my contacts in la. shit. and i'm so surprised i'm not blind yet sia. -.-

hahhaha then suan said tt the F1 preview was boring.. just went round and round and round oni.

okay. so good. never miss too much. wahahahaa. so sian lor. WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE AT THE TRACKS! WATCHING IT LIVE! NOW LEH! NOW ONLY CAN WATCH THE CHANNEL FREAKING 5 LA. SO GOOD HOR. !@#^& ROAR!!!!!!!!!!

ehem anyway, tonight got the qualifying rounds on channel 5 at 10 pm la. so go catch it yea?

this "car" is made of chocolate!!! 2000kg of 'em!!! its real-sized too!! doesn't have an engine though.. they spent 1 year melting the chocolate to make this.. i think.. hahahaha.. If you want one, you can wait 1 year you will be able to buy one for about $24,000!! :D lol

hhahaahahahahahhaah k la. moi gonna go lot one meet suan now. wahahhaha bye!! :D

Friday, September 26, 2008

Day 10

finally!!!!! the second weekend is here!!!!!!! weeee~~

today got a few new admissions in station a wor. wahahaha. but still veh boring wor.. not much work to do lo... except the irritating-as-ever person. -.- pissed us off big time la. ppttff

haiz.. anyway, night shift, before we reported to work. got one more last office happen.. so sudden hor. no death really no death. got death jiu one after the other.. wa..

then time passed rreeeaaaalllyyyy sllloowwwwllyyy...

hmmm.. nothing more to say, cept i'm sooo tired. bye bye.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 9

woohoo~ day 9 over liao!!! 5 days to go...

wore the damn stockings today... not much difference lor... cheat our feelings only. basket. now my nail hurts. ROAR and the stocking's got a greenish tint... to me.. and its so shiny lor.. so plastic sia. !@#*

aiyo. okay. on with the boring boring day. you tell the story for me can. i think you guys expert by now liao. same old things anyway.

except, today FINALLY got assessed by CF for off plug -.- did that so many times still wanna assess lor.. hmm.. nvm. this time at least not so irritating la. the patient veh gooood too...

then ard noon got last office lor. so sad. then got prayers in the room. we weren't allowed to go in and observe.. cos isolation case la. but i remember alot alot of nurses and docs and a couple of sisters went in... family stayed outside though... first last office in W75 since our start of attachment.. okay. la. dun wan say liao. saddening stuff...

next, the ah ma who watches kids central is as cute as ever lor. hahahahaha.. really uber uber cute..

then today lynn and me visited fel's station too.. hahaa.. got "intro-d" to her patients.. also damn cute de leh!! hahaha they all like SOOOOOO CUTE. cute cute cute cute cute la!!! okay. you get the idea..

observed insertion of catheter and iv plug too.. so brave la they all..

then got one admission.

and then.. got the as-irritating-as-ever person..

then no call-bells de wor today... really lor.. all other stations de.. then lynn and me nothing much to do lor...aiyo... cos of the 8 single-bed rooms hor. only ONE occupied sia. then the other 4 four-beds room.. not fully occupied too la.

hmm.. tmr morn shift wor.. hope will be much much more interesting la.


okay. change topic liao...

remember the international plaza interview jean suan and me went for on 1st sept? yes? the "SECRET EVENT" is actually the freaking phenomenal (i guess) F1 GRAND PRIX okay!?!!??!!?

yes. not kidding!!! wadever lor. so asshole. we were MEANT to be there one la!!!!!! perfect job leh. but cos of this clinical attachment la. $@!@

so why am i bringing it up? cos today is the 25th la!!! and what happens tomorrow?!?!? THE FREAKING (PHENOMENAL) F1 RACE!!!!!! FOR REAL LA. go and die lor. if not can see the race leh!!! live sia. and all them hot stuff somemore. sian. dun wan type alr la. show you all pics la. if not my blog veh no colour again la.

this is you-know-who la.

Lewis Hamilton okay.

this is the F1 trophy. hmm.. dunno leh.. looks very no-comment to me leh.. hmm but on the other hand.. looks okay leh..

the guy is Zulkifle Mahmod. from Singapore, yours truly. wahahahaa. and yes. he designed the trophy..

with them show girls la.

SIAN. WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE THERE. and our freaking attachment should be first batch de lor. NOT FAIR.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 8

today is afternoon shift.. at Station A still...

hmm... on the mrt..
so funny lor. got mistaken for a filipino lor. -.- lol. this auntie la.. aiya.. dun wan say alr.. then earlier this year. steven liew la. the weird weird guy. haaah tot i thai sia. siao. good lor. i everything also look like meh!??!?! heng no "you from china?" yet. wahahaha or wad? "you from india?" -.-. okay. nvm.

then met jean + fel at outram park mrt... then went to housemen canteen before work.. saw dr ronnie there... afternoon shift is sian one okay. hmm.. then at ard 2pm.. meet again.. at tea room.. with CF and dr ronnie (again) hahaha.. then talk talk talk.. then the stocking guy came... then abt 3.30pm liao.. go back to work... then the usual la. i think i dunnid say you all also know liao.. but today finally got time to look at the case sheets. GOOOOOOD. erm.. then today shall be lao-sai day. yes. you ownself go guess wad took place most today. heh. no la. dunno why sia. so many ppl wanna diarrhoea..

hmm... then 9pm liao.. went home.. so sian lor...
eh.. tmr shall be afternoon shift too wor.. and the routine starts again...

6 more days!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 7

today was normal.. STILL IN STATION A!!!!! :D
but this week is so different from last week wor.. last week got more life.. more things to do... this week so boring... hiazz...

today only did report taking, and the usual bedpan, smu, and stuff and one admission... oh, and CF assessed us to nasal prong today.. was -.- as expected... hmm... then went on to study the medicines again.. then for the "meeting" in the SDA room again.. checked our log books... then more medicine... then 3pm liao.. so go home lor...

hahaha, today got patients discharged too.. and i'm so happy lor. haha not only because they are well again lor.. haha got other reasons.. dun tell you.. muahhahaha

ahem. hmm... tmr.. is afternoon shift... wah.. ytd and today morning shift so boring liao.. tmr i think i faint in the ward alr sia.. haha nvm.

then tmr the supplier for the "circulation stockings" coming to meet us... eh... said to relieve the soreness of the feet... hmm... it'd better work lor.. walao.. stupid everworst shoe la. sian. walao. then the stocking's colour sucks lor. machiam plastic leg like that. -.-

7 more days to go!!!!! bound to have mixed feelings... but freedom is coming!!!!! WOOHOO!!! then KL TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D OMGOMGOMG

Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 6

YAY!!!!! Guess what???
today, lynn and i got to stay and work in Station A!!! turns out there's really no change la!!! :D WAKAKAKAKAKA.

scully tmr jiu change... -.- then i will confirm sian three-quarter one lor. hahaha. but still, i'm ever so thankful that i've got to stay in Station A for one more day!!! MUAHHAAHHHAH!! thank god la!!! hahaha

but today so lethargic lor. lynn is tired, staff nurse shima is tired, so many people are tired, i'm tired. *yawn*. conclusion, TIRED DAY. ya. i'm typical singaporean. :D
anyway, walao. sleep on the mrt all the way home just now lor... i sleep until i think beside me de ppl wanna murder me alr la.

okay. nvm. so today, mostly did bed-baths. oh yea, first thing in the morning, two aunties "welcomed" us to work with a request of bedpan lor. at the same time lor. good hor. so cute la. like anus-telepathy like that.

hmm... oh.. today, we ran out of blankets lor. completely la. so many ppl asking for blankets.. gotta run to central to take la. in the end central de all also ran out le. so run over to station b lou gor kai la. i took the LAST one okay. so heng hor... shhh.. dun tell ppl..

and then , CF kidnapped us after report taking to do NG tube feeding, tracheotomy suctioning, all that... so ke lian lor the auntie... like choke until so xin ku la. nb.. dun wan say alr. so du lan with someone. hmmmphh.

then at 1pm she kidnapped us again to do medicine la. so chiong lor. chiong to write down the names and contents of the diff diff medicines la. alot okay.

lol... other than that... nothing else sia.. today is uber boring lo.. very lil' call bells. very lil' things to do lo...

tmr is morn shift agn... i wanna zzz one can??? LOL

Sunday, September 21, 2008

i'm getting the last laugh. as always :)

oh. hahaha. look what is happening now? you're with him?? okay. no problem. cos you know what? i don't give a damn about it okay. so many years? he doesn't get it through his thick bloody skull that i don't give a bloody damn thing about this matter no more? huh? you think i'm the same old person you push around?? who doesn't make a stand for herself??? please la. its over. SO OVER.

i'm so ready to get over it already. hello??? can't you open your eyes to see it?? huh?? omg. its like. SO GOD DAMN CHILDISH. YOU'RE OLDER THAN ME!! for heaven's sake WAKE UP already!! jesus christ.

and you. another one. STILL talking about it??? i'm ALREADY long over it!!! hey!!! you know what? imma just sit here and chill alright? if you think, or HE thinks, for that matter, that its gonna mess up my tmr?? think again. get it through your thick thick skulls okay or hammer a hole so its easier okay. i don't bloody care, fine? so scram. go away. leave me alone. FULLSTOP.

i am having THE BLUES

ya. so i'm really cranky today and this someone doesn't understand and doesn't even try??? good lord..
i'm so having a hard time keeping my mood in check today and i'm so sad and i'm so angry and i'm so wadever today la.
go figure.

and tomorrow is attachment okay. morning shift somemore. changing station somemore. to a really nasty, bad, lousy, wadever wadever station somemore. filled with really wadever wadever people somemore. gee, god really blessed me.

and its so boring... so so so boring that i've done reading Chasing Harry Winston- Lauren Weisberger. ya. finally. the one with the green shoe. the one i've been eyeing for months whenever i step into a bookshop okay. its just as satisfying as The Devil Wears Prada okay. good.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 5

and today, the week finally ended.. and i'm real sad. ya.. i know.. i'm so opposite la... but today.. before we ended our shift.. the staff nurse said that every batch also like that one.. aft one week then rotate stations... BUT I DUN WANNA.. so sad lor... i think even the staff nurse think that the rotate stations thingy is dumb.. cos she gotta teach all over agn??? but no choice la... must give other ppl chance.. then can complete signing logbook... hahah then staff nurse shima so cute lor.. she told me and lynn something.. hahaaha better not say la.. later my head chop off.. hahaha she is a veh veh goooooooooooooooooood staff nurse + teacher + friend k? veh veh veh good... so those going station A can look out for her... actually not only her la.. hahaha got staff nurse annabelle too.. she is ((super duper uber) X infinity) de good lor. she really teach you one.. then staff nurse lynette... got alot alot more la. can even say ALL very good. even some of the cleaners.. haha so if you are in station a, be rest assured that your week in that station will be an UBER great one.. its so GREAT that you will feel like giving up your break times. just to do extra work. i'm serious. it's that interesting.

okay. so today, report taking, meeting in break room (again!!) and got most of the practiced column signed... gotta work harder on competent column.. then usual work.. parameter, soft skills, urinal/ bedpan, off plug.. all la... haha really like my job la.. tiring but really interesting (when you have the right people to work with i suppose..).

conclusion for this week... it was excellent.
despite the "mishap" ytd.. yes.. i'm still thinking bout it.. hahaha
oh.. today something happened too la.. very poor thing la... so can understand...

LOL and today is SHIT DAY cos many many many people ask for bedpan and SHITTED. some multiple times (!!!) too.. AHAHAHAH
and also PAIN DAY. dunno why. but so many people in so much pain that so many painkillers were asked for la..

ytd was URINE DAY. ditto.

and here, i shall take back my words about afternoon shift being more relaxed than morn one..
it's like this, once you know what you gotta do, you will take initiative ma. so once you look at the big picture, really not that little things to do at all.. like today, was busy busy busy la. really veh veh veh busy hahaha cos its SHIT DAY!!!!!! :D hahahahaha so cute hor, one patient shit all wanna shit. plus all the hourly, 4-hrly, 6-hrly parameters.

next week, its almost confirmed bout the switching of stations thing alr... AND I'M SO SAD. 99.99% chance of changing stations. you go do the math. guess i'll just gotta DEAL WITH IT.
heard nasty things bout central and station b.. i'm so not looking forward to it. cross my fingers and pray hard hard la that things would turn out otherwise..... SIIGGHHH~~~

and my feet hurttttttssssssssssss............. SSTTTOOOOOPPPPPIIIIDDDDDDDD EVERWORST SHOE.

ok... so boring liao...
9 days left!!! cos the final week got ph, hari raya... so good orh....

okay. i'm going le..


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day 4

today is my first day of afternoon shift..

today sucked and rocked at the same time.

afternoon report taking is quite different.. we gotta look through case-files on our own.. then the staff nurse will only go through a few of them... impt ones i suppose.. like duh.

then 2pm went for the daily "talk" in the break room.. uh... okay... shall skip that part.. hahahahahaha

then 3pm went about taking parameters... then about to start le, then CF came -.- then assessed us on admission procedure -.- ___ sucks. totally.

okay. then off drip two times. and one of them spoiled my day. shit okay. sian half. my fault la.. i figured i must have pressed the wrong part of the patient's hand, then when i removed the drip, blood started gushing out real fast from the IV lor. wort part was, i was alone!! and the family was watching!! then the bed was like full of blood... like BLOOD. so i stunned for a mo. then faster screwed on the yellow plug. then ran to get staff nurse.. so saddening lor. then my hands all blood can.. but the staff didn't scold sia.. i might have felt better if they did?? okay.. nvm.. then near break time heard someone suffered the same fate.. lol... its okay!! we shall try harder!! :) haha

then after that i chiong go read the patient's case file.. almost fainted.. with relief la.. the patient only admisitted for fracture.. heng lor. no wadever wadever..

overall, afternoon shift was far far far more relaxed than the morning shift??? cos really very very very lil' things to do sia... mostly bed pans.. ahahhaahah the gargle (inside joke)... then LOADS of parameters.. loads and loads and loads of em.. the busy part comes only at 7pm... haha ALOT of parameters to take

so much until me and lynn stay OT to try and complete.. hahaha but is our responsibility mah.. the staff nurse teach and help us untill their own schedule almost haywire... but they so kind la.. forced us to go home in the end.. around 09:25pm..

and i'm so sad... cos there's news that we will be changing stations from next week on... :'( sob.. gonna miss Station A's staff (they are the kindest of the three stations...), patients (most co-operative patients of the three stations..) and even the environment lo. its got the best environment too...

tomorrow is an afternoon shift day for me.. gonna treasure it.. alot.. cos its supposedly my last day in Station A...


(11 days to go..................)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 3

day 3 was great..

started with report taking as usual..
learnt new things.. did new things... cold compress.. collecting SMU.. then followed staff nurse down to radiology room to do PICC for patient.. only pre-PICC la.. ahhaha
oh.. then order medicine for staff nurse.. walao.. tell you hor.. the pharm ppl dao until sucks lor. nuff said.
then assisted with ambulation.. toileting.. oh ya.. remove cannula for the first time too today.. did two times of that.. off drip.. admission.. observed nasal prong.. and parameters.. observed dressing too.. it was bloody.. lol

then CF came down and assessed us for parameters. ___ sucked. won't tell you all.. later tell i die.. anyway.. so sian leh... when she came down to see us. got nothing for her to assess. when she gone, magically all the IVs need to be removed, drips need to be off, bedpans and urinals need to be served.. !@#$%^&*&^%$#@ ROARRRR

oh.. and i totally feel like strangling someone now.

today did far more things than yesterday la. new things.

tomorrow shall be the first day of afternoon shift.. 1-9pm.. hope it goes well..
oh.. and i totally feel like buying a wheelchair... hmm.. nvm.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 2

it was a tad boring...

reported to ward 75 signed in. got assigned to Station A today, which consists of rooms 1-12... partnered with lynn.. ahhhha.. she's nice :)

yup. so we were led to the nurses station for report taking. happens every start of shift.. walao. this gotta be the suckiest part of the job can. one staff nurse will refer to the case files of all the patients and will verbalise the patients condition, what are the doctor's orders, and what we must do today (eg: collecting specimen)... and the speed that the staff nurse use is like the mouth never stop one lor.. sentences stringed together.. then you are expected to catch and "scribble" down everything. got the hang of it near the end... i think hahahaha

then after that we just tagged along with one of the staff nurses.. then sometimes so awkward lor. lol. today did transferring of patient from wheelchair to commode/ bed, assisted in showering, handwashing, and PPE for the CF to assess.

other than that nothing much lei... station A consist of A and B class wards only la. so... not that many patients.. should say i'm damn lucky to be posted there lor. has the best environment de. air well-ventilated, air-con, less patients= less caregivers= less people= less confusion. good lor. lol.. but i think everyday will rotate de wor... sian lor... i like where i am can.. dun wanna go central or station b wor.. lol...
then so dumb leh. you know orientation of the ward? it started only when we're gonna finish our shift lor. nana. hhmmphh.then its like soooo sian. cos we already found out what goes where and what room that is on our own, or are taught by staff nurses or even the patients la. so its like totally useless + SIAN. but also good la. helped us pass our remaining 1hr plus of shift.. hahahhaaha
must maintain privacy of patients so can't share with you guys what happened. wahahahaha
then after work, we slacked in the tea room abit. then jean, felicia and me went to vivo... cos jean and fel wanted to buy crocs de.. lol.. you wouldn't believe how uncomfortable and painful the "compulsory" everbest shoes are la!!! waste money only. can use the money to buy better shoes know.. SIAN. okay. so when we reached the shop we found out that there is not enough stock for the one we wanted. so we cabbed down to marina square. lol. got the shoes.. then went to sakae sushi for buffet. lol. then went home around 6. so sian lor. i slept on the bus siol. took 2hrs to reach home.. -.-

i'm so not looking forward to tomorrow. tomorrow, we will be assessed for taking parameters. on REAL patients. omg.. so scary lor. then temp, pulse, respiration...

this one i post for fun only cos my blog is so dull!!! LOL

P.S: hahahaha now i really dunno wanna sign bond with wad hospital lor. SGH i like the place, but not the system.. abit disorganised to me.. then St. Luke's Hospital. i like the place and system. but the job abit saddening cos its like chronic cases mostly... then so sian you know... hmmm....

oh, and a SINGLE ward (eg: ward 75) is huge lor. so huge that it has to be divided into 3 sections. other hospitals like one ward quite manageable leh.. and not that big lo.. aiya dunno la. so -.-.. lol

Monday, September 15, 2008

i'm so bored right now that i think i've gone mad.

seriously. went for din din with my mum juz now.. then suddenly got this ang-mo guy (you guess whether shuai anot) sit beside us. wahahahhaha. then he din order food or wad sia.. just sit there play with iPod. okay.. so lame la me.

so. i went for the jab on my own... din feel fear this time sia.. so weird that i scared myself lor.. then the needle pierced my skin.. but the pain okay.. leh... i expected worse.. so i was thinking "hmm.. not so bad afterall"... then like immediately after that, my arm went PAINFULLY numb lor. siao la... so long nv jab forgot how it felt like liao... pain actually starts when the liquid is injected into you.. the needle doesn't hurt much lo... sian. then on the way home suddenly felt like i'm addicted to jabs lor... like pain la.. but quite shiok too leh... shit.. i think i'm really bored to insanity. that time also lor.. secondary one or so... when all them milk teeth started falling out.. then the dentist injected local anesthesia for extraction lor. jab so many leh. at least 3 per tooth. can imagine the amount?? ya.. then sort of felt "addicted"... hmmm.. shit.. i really seriously think i've gone bonkers liao.

okay la.. i better stop here.. later i kena kidnapped to mental hospital. tata~

First day of "work".

i said "work" cos work, didn't really happen.

was actually looking forward to attachment this morning... slept very little... but woke up right on time. good okay. i'm NOT late :)

okay. anyway, headed to outram park mrt. met up with jean, fel, sharvena, alvin.. then walked to sgh... then waited for fara. who was late as usual, wahahaha and he wasn't wearing his uniform wor!!! so extra time to change. ahahhaha

so. took attendance, sat down. and i thought 'hospital orientation' meant a short tour and explanations of the hospital, and its services and its rooms only. and then, the lecturer announced that we wouldn't be going to our ward today. so i was like -.- la. how can sia. look forward then in the end... like this lor. good lor.

so minus the 1hr 15min tour of the hospital, 30min tea-break, 1hr lunch, it totals to
a grand total of 5.25hrs of yawn-worthy lecture lor!!!!!!!! FAR WORSE THAN WHAT WE HAD IN SCHOOL!!!

so we yawned, shivered(the room was really cold!!!!!), laughed(cos of too much shivering), played(games on handphone), and spaced out for the majority of the lecture.

sound interesting? that's my first day of "work" for you. *rolls eyes*

moving on, chiong home.. missy soh called on the way. and screamed at me about results, her attachment, and a handsome guy. then i chiong-ed even faster home, to see my timetable(SAME AS HER'S!!! :D THANK GOD!!! i don't think there's a change though...), and to see my results too!! and hell, i WAS pleasantly surprised lo!!! hahhaahh midnight studying actually works far better than other methods for me. dun ask me why. AHHAHAAH and i'm sooooo over the moon right now can!?!?!?! i got gpa 3.2!!!!! aiya. all you ppl who did better, probably don't have goldfish memory like me, are really really hardworking, or have brains made of god-knows-what. so don't talk to me okay. no la. just kiddin'. i'm such a nice person. *grins*

oh, and i know i should not be happy with a 3.2 but who cares la. okay. I AM HAPPY!!!!! :D

and then, i went through next semester's subjects. increased from 7modules to 9modules. FON(damn!!), NSL, AAP(ohh...*faints*) is still there. CELL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY(heard its gonna be tough..) , PHARMACOLOGY 1(this too...) , NURSING RESEARCH 1(i shall pretend that i didn't see the word "research") , SINGAPORE & WORLD ISSUES (why are we studying this?) , SPORTS & WELLNESS(hmm... wonder what i should take on...), all brand new.. oh, and of course, the Clinical Attachment...

right, i'm gonna go for my jab now. omg..

Sunday, September 14, 2008

oh yea, about the alignment problem..

i understand that you guys were saying that my c-box was very low...

so after about 2 weeks of confusion, i realised my (old) layout of the blog didn't look right. like the posts were all over the place and tag board was at the very bottom. its cos you guys were using Mozilla Firefox!!! hahaha ya... so dumb hor...

so with this new skin... and the changes.. i hope it all will work now... do feedback ya? ahahah

oh, and i realised that the alignment went back to normal after i removed the ms swan post. lol!!! probably cos of all the videos then!!

yup. so if anyone still wants to watch the ms swan.. which i doubt, just head over to youtube and search "ms swan".

right. i dunno what to type already.. so, happy mooncake festival!!! enjoy your mooncakes y'all!! :D

credits: aunty yochana <-loads of recipes in there!! hahahaha


I'VE FINALLY UPLOADED A NEW BLOG SKIN!!! too bad i gotta make do with this instead of the very pretty one i chose... -.-

btw, se7en is the best blog skin creator ever. very very easy to upload, not like others. great for HTML noobers like yours truly. thank you very much.

today is a super sian day.

but i finally got my internet back. its been an asshole for the past two days.. but whatever. good lor. last 3 days of my holidays also want to bully me.

and my house was VERY noisy today cos of you-know-who (not voldy).. oops.. sorry, i think i'm the lamest person ever alive.
wth... why am i crapping on my blog? AHAHAHA



tell you guys a secret okay...


PS: oh goody. guess what? an "extremely happy news" has been retrieved during a search through my wallet. tomorrow, is the date for my 3rd and last dose of the hep b vaccine jab. just so you know, i really really hate needles.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

i shopped alone today.. and i liked it.

well.. went to orchard today.. dental appointment at the lee and ong place.. wahaha
but it wasn't doctor ong attending to me as usual.. some other guy... who kept talking to his assistant, in a dialect i didn't know, through out the session.. and while i was waiting my turn, he talked alot too while serving other patients.. haha i guess his work is quite boring... but really wor... imagine looking at teeth for 8hr(?) work days, 5 days of the week, as your occupation... at least nurses have various tasks to do around the ward.. thank god i didn't pick dentistry.. but then again...
okay, nvm, next appointment will be next year.. -.- didn't know braces gotta follow up for so long one k.

hai.. anyway, went walking around zara(again),wisma(again)(COTTON ON!!!), taka(AgAiN), borders(AGAIN), shaw house(AGAIN!!!). oh, and the new esprit store too!! its like one store on its own.. but the inside is like zara?? ladies clothes first floor, mens' and babies' on the second... then walked around somemore before finally going home at 7. ya, i didn't buy anything.

ya. and i love shopping alone sometimes.. you get to save money cos no one tells you what looks nice on you and you therefore, wont buy it. then you gotta love the peace and quiet. and you get to chose your own pace and venues.. (oh, did i sound very emo-ified there?) wahahaha i'm such a weirdo.



Friday, September 12, 2008

my $18 bucks flew away...

yea.. shan't tell ya why... muahahaahha

okay. anyway, today was soooooooo boring... went to the library to return my overdue books (nope, that's not the $18).. then borrowed more... (yea.. i know.. so nerd hor.. bored to death ma.)

and i haven't been to lot one for years.. well! that place changed loads... many many new stores... some relocated too... oh yea!! got cotton on also wor.. muahahha

bored. bored. bored.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

i screwed up by bloggggg!!!!!!! AAGGRRHH



walao eh. so xin ku ownself upload sia. now all gone.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

omg... a £1 million ski chalet??? at 18???

'Harry Potter' actress Emma Watson has bought a ski chalet in Meribel, France, for £1 million.

"Emma Watson has bought a French ski chalet for £1 million.
The 'Harry Potter' star - who is said to be worth £10 million - gained control of her finances on her 18th birthday in April and decided to splash out on the chalet in the popular resort of Meribel, France.
A source said: 'The house is Emma's way of celebrating her excellent exam results at school and finally getting her hands on some of her hard-earned cash.
'She worked really hard this year and didn't have much of a birthday party so this was her present to herself.'
The actress - who plays Hermione Granger in the popular film franchise - now plans to have the property renovated and wants to throw a lavish housewarming party once the work is complete.
The source added: 'Emma has received some pretty sound advice about money. She always wanted a ski chalet and she's having a great time doing it up. She's looking forward to having friends to stay.'
Emma speaks fluent French as she was born in the country and lived there until she was five.
Earlier this year, the teenager was placed 55th on The Sunday Times Rich List 2008 - The 100 richest young people.
She is rumoured to be earning £2.5 million for her role in the sixth film 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince', upped by studio bosses after she threatened to pull out of the lucrative franchise to attend university.


by the way, "excellent exam results at school" = 3 A-level exams: English Literature, History of Art and Geography. (and hell, they sure aren't easy subjects.)
oh, what's more? she's speaks several languages FLUENTLY TOO!!!


source: Emma Watson's 1m chalet

Monday, September 8, 2008

time for a new start?? hmm...

yea.. i probably should get a move on... i've been wasting far too much time... its my 5th month in poly alr... and i really really hope that the heavens will be merciful and give me another chance. the exams this time, i'm really really starting to freak out for my results. i'm really hoping that i will pass this time. at least pass. and i shall waste my life no more. i shall will start tomorrow.

i need to get used to waking up at 4.30 am everyday!!!
i need to get used to being on my feet for 8 hours straight!!!
i need to work hard.
i need to GET A MOVE ON.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

uh... yay?

okay. today was boring... spent clearing my room... dunno why man... but its still as messy as before leh... -.-

i checked mel today. and i got A for my french and i'm so happy. but shit lor. hoped and prayed sooo hard for an A+ can.
at least i passed la. I DUNNID TO WORK IN DELIFRANCE ALR OKAY. -.- (not that i ever did)

things are starting look up i guess... this time... i think i will. cos i probably should... :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

new start?? guess not...

okay. today, i touched a piano. for the first time in more than 6months. and i surprised myself somewhat. was happy.

then i went to open some mail. and my coloured contacts FINALLY came through the mail.. then some navy college thing.

checked mel cos i got nothing better to do. found out more bout my clinical attachment. and that i'll be working in surgical ward too ^^ yay-ness.

then ****** came home. and things started to go downhill from there. lets just say that i don't think i will...

the dilemma that has left me alone for over a year...

is coming back.

and this time... i there's a BIG RED sign board that says " ONE WAY ONLY".

good news is. i think, i won't have to waste gallons of brain juice trying to make up my mind, which option to take. cos i don't have a choice, really.

bad news is. its an issue i've been avoiding, for sooo long. and i don't know if i'll like it one bit.

sure, there's regret and disappointment. but then, there's also relief.

but then, to think about it, the reason i've stopped learning piano is cause of the o-levels... so after the o-levels i should resume lessons right? wrong. cos one, i'm enjoying my "new-found freedom". two, cos everything, my results, my future, the things i'll be taking on, seemed so unsure...
then, before i knew it, poly started. then so much work to catch up with, signing up for programmes, getting used to life in poly, in nursing, and trying to fit in with them people too... not mentioning "classroom politcs". yes. it is going on 24/7 whether we like it or not.

then now, the 3-week break is here. so going out with friends, catching up, trying to find a job (failed to in the end..), mentally preparing for the 3-week attachment. in Singapore General Hospital. for real.

and just only, my mum was talking to me about it again. piano. then i realised that i still haven't made a choice. after so many months. but nothing made progress. i still don't know how to feel. that this opportunity is still here. sad? cos i practically almost forgot how to play, i think. happy? cos i'm still given the chance. so. confusion.

then she told me that its a "rice-bowl" for the future. but till this day, yes, till this day. i'm STILL intent on being a nurse. so if i'm a nurse. i wouldn't be able to teach piano or something right? you know, different shifts.. 8hour work days. its got to be so tiring and hectic that i would want to enjoy the weekends/ days off instead of teaching piano, right?

then i thought about the exams that just ended. and like always. i don't know if i would do well. and what if i'm not able to do well? what if i end up dropping out of the course? the first thing that would happen would be to be miserable about the fact that i've let everyone and myself down. second, i will not be able to fulfil my ambition of being a nurse. third, i worry about being looked at as a failure by my family, cousins, friends, teachers. and lastly, what about the future? my future.

then at that point in time (if it were to really happen), only will the knowledge of playing the piano be useful right? (don't talk about leisure and enjoyment for the time being).
so, only if i DO drop out of the course will the piano lessons be useful.

but what is going on now, is that my mum wants me to start playing piano. starting tomorrow in fact. and i've got no idea how to start. where to start. let alone how much i remember. and to say the truth. i'm scared to find out myself. will i like to play again?

then i stopped thinking of the factors around me. and i thought about just playing the piano. i've stopped at grade 6. and i know friends who've stopped at grade 6. but i also know friends who have gone on to grade 7, 8 and so on. and whenever "piano" is brought up i'll always feel so useless cos i've let myself down (and maybe everyone around me too, esp my mom).

help? god? anyone?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

PICTURES!!!!!~~~~~~ 01/09/08

pictures taken at Minds Cafe~~~ :D
Take 1
Suan: "Look at the brownie la!!!!!"
Take 2
Take 3
(No comment...)
jean et moi
(dun ask me why my face look so niang okay...)
this is missy soh
jean et moi
suan moi jean
(shit. i think i've to go plastic surgery away my niang-ness.)