Thursday, August 7, 2008

what de !@#$%^&*&^%$#@

okay. today.. when to sch for only mic lecture. haha
as usual, i'm the late queen wor. hahaha so rushed to sch for the 1 hour aap lecture initially.. but by the time i reached it was like 12.30pm?
then i saw jean, thithi and xuan on the bench!! haha
then decided to skip aap... today's not that important anyway.. no new topics..

then.. soon after, thithi and xuan went for their nsl practical..
then chatted with jean.. then went to check the aap prac results in the lecture theatre.. hahaa
and MOST OF US GOT AD!!! including myself!!! YAY YAY YAY!!!!! HAHAH that is my FIRST DISTINCTION!!!!! WOOO~~~~~~~ hahaha but really, it was all luck i guess.. the test wasn't THAT challenging if you remember the right things.. can't believe my luck... some were common-sensical too... hmm..

went back to the bench and saw xuan!! the teacher said she DID WELL!!! LIKE OMGGGGGGGG~~~~~ SO CLEVER LURH YOU!!!! HAHAAHA but i guess she was still disappointed after all.. cos she really wanted a DISTINCTION which she thought she wouldn't get... awwww... WELL, CHEER UP GAL!!! AT LEAST YOU KNOW YOU DID FAR BETTER THAN ME!!!! :D

haha then thithi came out!! and she did really well toooooooooo!!!!! like what!?!?!? a DISTINCTION?!?! i think... hahah so smart lorh... haha and she got partial re-breathing mask which is uber hard!!! well.. at least for myself.. hahaha...

okay.. then we went for lunch then headed for mic lecture...
LOL!!!!! and mr rashid was soooooooo sizzle sizzle today lehhhhh!!! WASEH.. the whole lecture theatre was like laughing away!!! haha

okay.. haha other than that.. i think today was quite sian... lol.

bad news was.. we found out that kt and fara couldn't go for the KL trip tooooo :(
and then there's gonna be like only 13 people we know out of the 52 who are going!!! like boo!!!

okay.. i shall end here then... MIC MOCK TEST TOMORROW!!! AND ITS LIKE 5% of MIC GRADES?!!?!?!?? I THINK IMMA DIEEEEEEEEEEE ok imma go study..

bye people.

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