Monday, August 4, 2008

wadever~~~~~~~ :D

haha today is a pretty -.- day... hmm... met up with CNP proj grp members at 8am... did the final touch-ups of powerpoint... haha then koon teck came back from kl this morn. and he bought 5 really cute notebooks for us all :D THANK YOU SO MUCH KOON TECK!!!^^ (dun say i nv say wad lor!!! hhaha)

hahaha!! next went for fon and pas lecture!!! and the lecturers gave hints for their subjects!!! WOOO~~~~~~~~ ahahahhaah but it still sucks man!!! SO MANY THINGS TO STUDY AND SO LITTLE MEMORY SPACE!!!!!!!! ARRRGGHHH!!! I WANNA SUICIDE!!!!!!!!!! -.- okay. not funny.

MOVING ON!!!!!!!!! we went for cnp tutorial... and we did our group presentaion!! overall, it wasn't that good but at least we didn't fail!! our group got a C+. haiii. and i got a freakin' C for my 800-1000words individual assignment!!

nvm... haha... but i'm glad i passed the module overall :)
after the tutorial, we went for lunch, then headed home. and when we reached the bus stop, the freaking bus 61 freaking just left. then we bade goodbye to jean and ham.. then we waited and waited and waited..... -.- then we couldn't take it anymore and cam-whored a lil' bit.


that's xh and thithi :)


that's me and suan + 1/10000000000 of thithi :P


that's thithi and suan + 1/10000000000 of me :P

HAHA. then the bus finally came after what? 30 mins? i dunno. then waited for suan and thithi's bus and continued cam-whoring. and we got the perfect shot like finally?!?

xh, moi, thithi :)

and then, here i am blogging!! SIAN HALF MAN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WOOOO~~~~~~~~


Anonymous said...

Awwww! You're hella cute, just letting you know, first of all.

And secondly, don't those school assignments just suck? That's why I only do the half of them that I like an enjoy... don't do that yourself, I'm not doing well in class, but, it's kind of a personal protest for me. :D

jenneth :) said...

hahaha ^^ i'll keepthat in mind ;P haha thanks for visiting!!! :D