Wednesday, August 6, 2008

today sucked

yes it did.

i totally hate my goldfish memory man!!!!!!!!!!!!
AAP practical!! i was like STARING RIGHT AT THE WORD just before entering the room you know!??!?! and i managed to forget it ALTOGETHER!! like TOTALLY FORGOTTEN OKAY!??!?!?! WTH!!!!!!! the suay thing was that it CAME OUT LA!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHH!!!


overall... i think the paper was okay. but i messed up some parts and like that la.. T.T haiii

AND THEN FOUND OUT TODAY THAT HAMIDAH COULDN'T GO ON THE KL/GENTING TRIP!!! BECAUSE NOT ENOUGH VACANCIES!!! LIKE OMG!!! arrgghhh!!! haii... then the system didn't allow us to withdraw either and there was no refund... haii.. so idiot lor... WTHHHH.... NVM HAMIDAH!!!!! WE BUY THINGS FOR YOU K? :D

okay.. then went to find xuan and hamidah afterwards.. then studied with them for the tests..

HAMIDAH WAS SO HENG I TELL YOU!! she got the freaking IV removal thingy which is like the easiest amongst all!!! like heng lor!!! hahaa and she's so clever can!?!? she got like A/A+ for it...

okay.. then we studied more after hamidah joined us... cos xuan's exam is tmr... so... GOOD LUCK XUAN!!! DUN SO NERVOUS LA!!! YOU STUDIED WELL!!! :D hahaha

well.. then went for din at sim again.. then headed for home...

so many things on my mind i don't know where to begin....

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