Saturday, August 23, 2008

Synchronised Swimming is soooo cool!!!

yup. and Russian Federation managed to get a GOLD again!!!
and you can see why... they're sooo graceful!!!

Spain got a Silver...
and China got the Bronze.
imagine how you have to tread water constantly!! while doing the actions!! and synchronise the movements with your group members throughout the performance!! WOW
oh!! and i've finished reading Catch Me When I Fall- Nicci French. Its superb. GO READ!!! even the driest parts wasn't that dry at all!! :D its about this Holly Krauss, leading her life in two separate worlds!! one, she's the one respected and admired by her friends, in possession of a very comfortable home life. whereas, the other, she's reckless, wild, and enjoys taking risk and challenges. one of which eventually let to her life falling apart. soon, one life bleeds into the other and her life crumbles. the synopsis ends with "And who can you trust when you can no longer trust yourself?" food for thought... hmm..
ps: my internet connection's down at this point in time. so i'm using the post option to post this at this date.

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