Sunday, August 31, 2008


i'm sooooooooooooo boreddddd....... :(

so i've decided to be really random now...

i watched tv the whole day on 30Aug.

i've been having really weird dreams these few days. mostly bout things i hear or see or know or wadever. but one of them is really freaky. i dreamt that i was watching the news. bbc somemore. then this article came up showing two pics side by side. and then its about a new species of human. -.- having a new feature. -.- and you know what? the new species of human has triple eyelids. -.- suan. stop laughing hor. -.- walao!~~ then i think cos i read this interesting article the other day about useless body parts. go see number 10. Plica semilunaris. wtf. then i was thinking... we could lose quite abit of weight when we are free of some of those body parts lo. -.- okay. nvm me.

I AM BROKE and in serious need of medication for the penniless syndrome.

i wanna buy every book written by jodi picoult.

i wanna read the "tales of the beedle bard" NOW.

i watched "Tears of the Sun" on ch5 just now and it was nice. and my mouth hung open for most parts of the movie.

i watched a chinese movie today. ?!?!!??!?!!#*&%^!. "The Phantom Lover". and it was awesome. and that's a first. cos i've never felt this way about a re-made movie. its like "Romeo and Juliet" and "The Phantom of the Opera" rolled into one. and instead of the Don Juan, they played romeo and juliet instead.

Leslie Cheung is so handsome... but he's gay? and its such a waste he's dead...

my mum said leslie cheung's complexion is very good. wahahaha

i SOOOOOOO regret not going to watch Phantom of the Opera live. i think last year? and they said its the last time it'll be performed... :'( *cries*

someone made me angry big time again at 1:30am. but i didn't fight back. i learnt to reason and swallow hurt. i learnt to hide anger and avoid lashing back.

i survived an entire day(minus 30mins) without the comp :D

i miss school... or just them friends...

my mother doesn't know the meaning of holiday... *sigh* another person who needs a dictionary...

i am expected to do homework and flip through notes all day.

i want to diet.

but i wanna eat.

but i don't wanna eat.

i want to go to greece. new zealand. paris. zurich. mongolia. australia. africa. cape town. SWITZERLAND. hawaii. tioman island. or maybe i just want to get away. from some people. for a while...

i want to explore the mysterious places like easter island. cooks island. you know. comprehension sucks because they give you awesome stories bout places like this but you're not there to experience it.

i want to visit the salty salty dead sea.

i wanna parachute.

i want motivation. for i don't know what.

i need peace.

i want to end this post cos the air is getting really emo in here and i can't breathe.

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