Wednesday, August 6, 2008

oh well!!!

well.. today started out fine, i guess...

met up with suan, jean, thi thi and hamidah earlier to do the touch up of sociology presentation..

and i was like 40mins late X.X hahahahah SO SORRY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!

next we headed to the classroom to do the presentation.. and.. Mr Lim said we were SOOOO CLOSE TO AN A!!!!!!!! like so wasted.. then he said we got like a B++ wor... hmm... feeling satisfied though...

then after the class, thithi and hamidah went home, and xuan went to study.. then jean and me went to have our NSL practical test... haha this is where the sian-half-part-of-the-day comes in... -.-

waited and waited very long for our turn cos we reached the quarantine room about 3.15pm when we were supposed to report at 3.30pm.... and our test starts at 4pm... and i'm number 2... ard 4.05 pm.. went to sit on the pink chair outside the exam room.. sarah walked past and said she ALMOST failed... loads of people failed too... so saddenning okay!!!went in at around 4.20pm or something.. was uber confident.. greeted the teacher so cheerfully.. first impression crap right? and you know what's her face like.. carry-on-looking-down-at-the-papers-pretending-not-to-hear... like -.- like OMG can?!?! like at least nod or something la!!!! dun smile nvm wad... haii.. then she told me to "put your bag there" in the why-am-i-wasting-my-time-examining-you-people type of voice... well. okay. then. fine.

for the common test exam in like June or something.. Ms Suhanah was my examiner!! she was awesome can?!?!?! so kind.. so being-a-teacher-because-she-enjoys-it.

well.. just my luck to get that -.- face-d person. then proceded with the scenario given.. started to feel very nervous... was actually happy when i found out i was given the topic urine c&s la... but wth happened and i don't know why. so don't ask okay. HAI!!!!!!!!

moving on...forgot loads of things.. including the most important VERIFYING THE DOCTOR'S ORDER LOR!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE OMGGGG and i for got to prepare the clamp. but after the test she said i could have failed cos of the clamp. but fortunately i remembered like in the middle of the test.. then she let me go take it.. -.- and i forgot to swab the catheter again!! like after drawing the urine!!! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG~~~ and i forgot to stick the sticker on the c&s bottle can!?!?!?!?! SO important!!!!!! she had to prompt me for that which resulted in loss of marks... -.-

and i'm feeling so so so so bad for letting ms ong down after all that she's done for us.. man.. how is she gonna feel when she see's that our results are near failure or even FAIL and the number of us almost failing/failed is not exactly low either... I'M SO SO SORRY MS ONG :'(
oh well.. what is done is done.. no turning back..

hai... then after the test.. went to find xuan outside the bookshop... then told her abt the test lor!!! so frustrated leh!!!!!! and you know what?!?!? like only then!! like around 10mins after the test did i remember!!!!!! i forgot to take out the BLARDY protective sheet from under the patient!!!!!! but the thing is.. i dun think she realised... until maybe it was ruodan's turn... hmm.. hope she doen't penalise.. or i'll be guaranteed a FAIL!!!!!! and have to RE-TEST!!!! like OMGGGGGGGGG~~~

hmm.. then waited for jean too... then when jean finally came we when to have din at sim... then headed to jean's house to see baby jade :D jean's little sis.. then mood started to get better.. happy happy le.. hahahaha and SHE'S GROWN SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! SOOOOOO FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! doesn't look her age... but she's SOOOO DARN CUTE!!!!!!!! HAHHAHA

WOOO~~~~~ she loves the wind~~~

she's got hair okay!!!! though not clearly visible here... haha

then left for home at around 9pm...

okay i shall end here then~~
tmr's the freakin' AAP practical exam!!
HOPEFULLY, i'll fare much better.. just hopefully.. its my weakest subject after all... well!! i'll just try my very very best!!

goodnight people!!!!!!~~~~~~ :D

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