Sunday, August 10, 2008

NDP '08... WOOOHOOOO!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


yup.. tell you guys first.. the title of this post is so no link can?? hahaha didn't even attend the parade!!!

lol.. okay.. met up with suan and hamidah at clementi first.. hahahaha SUAN YOU SO LATE LEH!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAA... i'm the earliest lor... like for once... HAHAHAHHAHA

then while waiting for suan.. saw many many of those choppers carrying the singapore flag... hahaha!! like so many loh!!! then they were flying so closely to the hdb flats wor!! haha
then went to meet the rest...

caught the pretty pretty fireworks.. :D hahaa too bad my camera sucks... so here's one from the web..

hahaha then the random-ness...
lol.. okay.. back to topic.. hai... but suddenly dun feel like elaborating.. lol..
i laughed like crazy, emo like crazy, walked like crazy, erm-ed like crazy. the end.
okay.. fast forward to 5.30am...
waited 1 hour with xuan for bus 61... -.-
then just now so sian okay... reach the front gate at about 8am.. then rummaged in my bag for them keys la... so scary okay... then emptied my bag. then felt like dying.. then called my mum lor... then she sleepily handed me my keys lor... haha... SO WHAT HOR?!?!?! I THOUGHT I BROUGHT MY KEYS WHAT!!!!! THEY SPROUTED LEGS AND RAN HOME BY THEMSELVES MEH?!?!?!!?
hmm... then slept from 9am to 1pm?
lol.. okay.. i'm soooo tired now man... hahaha

but imma go study... shit okayssssss.... hai... 1 week to exams and i'm STILL in holiday mode... crazy alright!?!?!? where's all the motivation!??!? ARRGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
okay... nevermind... no school next week cos its study week.. well.. apart from the two hours lecture... sian half... aap again okays.. lol...

alright. peace out ^^v

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