Monday, August 18, 2008

i STILL don't wanna study...

hahaa alright!! updates about the Olympics!!!
sad to say, singapore really DID lose to china for the women's table tennis!!!
score was 3-0...
alright!! at least they got a SILVER MEDAL for SINGAPORE!!! WOO~~~
lol.. then found some pics of the singapore team.. hahah dun laugh hor..

yup!! thats the Singapore's Team coach, Liu Guo Dong. ya.. he jumped into the court when singapore got into the finals... hahahahahaha

Lee Jia Wei!!

Wang Yue Gu

Feng Tian Wei

lol.. okay.. not funny.

haha then i watched the finals of the badminton. men's category..

CHINA WON. AGAIN!!! They've got 33 GOLDS already!! ARGHHHH!!!!

ya.. so Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia.. lost to Lin Dan..

oh shit.. and i'm supposed to be STUDYING!!! not watch the Olympics...

sian half... i still have 2 more chapters to cover.. orh bi me lor... serves me right.

okay. imma go study now. see ya all!! :D


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