Thursday, August 28, 2008

i FINALLY, have a life people :D

yup!! :D hahaha yesterday, went out with salleh and suan!! :D woo~~~ haven't seen them in a while... lols.

so, we met at clementi, then went to newyork newyork at marina square.. for some catching up with each other's life.. :) ahahah. then we talked bout spooooooky ghost stories. then laughed like crazy... ahhaah. then walked around for a lil' bit... then went to cineleisure to watch PS. I Love You. mauahhaha. (the book was nicer though.. :X).. aahah then went to hong kong cafe to chill a bit.. hahah then this really funny waiter or manager or wadeva was persuading us to sign up for the membership. but we were trying so hard not to laugh lo. lol.

anyway, we headed to wisma atria after that... hahaha then went to cotton on... muahahah. bought a pair of shorts there.. then went to cotton on body. muahahhaha then fantasized a lil' bout the kl trip. HAAHAHH.

then we decided to head home alr. hahahaha not bad for a "first day of life" eh? :P

oh. and i MUST get a job soon or i'll die of the penniless syndrome.

NYDIA!!!!!!!! we are finally meeting tmr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

ps: pics of the day are with suan and salleh!! post them up some other time k? haahah no promises though, as we chose to be out on a not-so-photogenic day :X heehee :)

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