Thursday, August 21, 2008

I BEHEADED MY HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMGOMGOMG.... They're gone... sob...

went to the salon again today... well.. the stylist was there... lets call him Sam. Well! he had skill alright! but WTH!!! what i didn't like was the results... maybe its just me... maybe i'm just not used to it... but its sooooooo weird!!! and its soooooo short!!! i miss my hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

its still quite thick.. and the fringe didn't turn out as expected.. amd i'm having a red eye now cos the fringe was too long!! yea!! it poked me in the eye!!! walau... I WANT MY HAIR BACKKKKKKK LA! SIAN!! and about TWO INCHES of it is gone... sob... T.T

sadded... nvm la. i think i'm gonna go back to cut more of my fringe... hmm.. there's a three days grace you see...

nvm la. then i dunno what to do with my hair lo!!! was thinking bout colouring it or highlighting it but dunno wad colour to choose lo.. so didn't do it... GOSH!! i'm so super indecisive!!!

anyhow... went to the library after the haircut... borrowed 4 books. cos its so boring.

ps: my internet connection's STILL down at this point in time. so i'm using the post option to post this at this date.

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