Sunday, August 24, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008 Closing Ceremony

just watched the ceremony... its directed by Zhang Yi Mou, famous director he is..

Chapter 1 Reunion

-Pre-ceremony Performance
haha this wasn't broadcasted on national tv... but what happened was Fuwa was the main theme of this segment... you know... Fuwa... the 5 panda mascots.. hhaahha

-Entrance of the President of PRC, the President of IOC and VIP

-Prelude, Countdown and Fireworks Display
The countdown starts from "29", indicating the 29th Olympic Games. From "29" to "11", highlights of this Olympic Games are shown with countdown numbers on the screen. Then from "10" to "0", fireworks were shot up in the shape of the numbers.. followed by more fireworks...

-Welcome the president of PRC, the President of IOC

-Raising the PRC National Flag, Singing the PRC National Anthem

-Greeting the Guests
Silver bell performers dance in tune with the beat of the heavenly drums on the Mian Stage to greet the guests.

-Entrance of the NOC Flags

-Entrance of the Atheletes
*day-dreaming* oh!! hey!! Feng TianWei waved to national tv!!! *back to day-dreaming*

-Marathon Victory Ceremony

-Entrance of the Representatives of Volunteers
*dreams again*

-Entrance of the New Members of IOC Athletes' Commission
ooo... more kids...
-New Members of IOC Athletes' Commission Present Flowers to the Representatives of Volunteers
ooo... flowers... hmm..

-The Present of IOC and the Present of BOCOG Take the Floor
*stares at the screen* whoa... thank god that speech was short..

-Raising the UK National Flag and Playing the UK National Anthem; Raising the Greek National Flag and Playing the Greek National Anthem
*stares at screen more*

-Lowering the Olympic Flag and singing the Olympic Hymn
*dreams* ooo.. nice song!!! *stares at screen* *giggles at the robotic way of the folding of the flag* *dreams more*

-Entry of Mayor of Beijing and Mayor of London, Olympic Flag Handover Ceremony
Mayor of Beijing Guo Jinlong walked form VIP corridor to the Main Stage with the Mayor of London Boris Johnson. Mayor of Beijing receives the Olympic flag from the flag-bearer. Waves it comically around, hands it to the President of IOC, who waves it comically too, then hands the flag to the Mayor of London standing on the left to the Olympic Flag Handover Ceremony.. who waves it comically around too. *laughs*

-Handover Performance

wooo~~ thats the trademark red London bus!!!
Destination London 2012

Guess who's inside the bus!!! there's a 9 year-old girl. picked from thousands of kids from a tv prog.. something like that... then there's Leona Lewis!! and legendary Led Zeppelin rock group guitarist Jimmy Page (err i dunno who), then David Beckham!!!(hmmm.. where's Posh?)

Leona Lewis

ya. btw. that's what the bus transformed into. the green thing..

David Beckham(kicking a ball to the crowd below)

Chapter 2 Memory

-Extinguishing the Olympic Flame -- Prelude
An airport electronic flight screen appears on the large screen of the Stadium. An athlete about to leave walks up the boarding ladder and turns around affectionately.

-Extinguishing the Olympic Flame -- Memory
The rim of the bowl changes into a red track. Special lights cast precious and spectacular scenes of the 16 days from the lighting of the holy flame to now onto the track in the air.

-Extinguishing the Olympic Flame -- Flame
The athlete on the boarding ladder looks at the burning holy flame in the distance, and slowly folds painting scroll. The holy flame of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is slowly extinguished. As the holy fame is extinguished, a huge "holy flame" is lighted at he center of the field (396 "memory tower" performers simulate the flame with their bodies. The "holy flame" on the "memory tower" is flowing with ever-changing scenes, expressing man's Olympic spirit of "Citius, Altius, Fortius." In the passionate far-reaching music, 16 lucky cloud yarn strips slowly rise along the "memory tower" on the Main Stage.

just a flicker left...

Chapter 3 Carnival
ermm.. lets just say that this portion was a little wierd... lots of.. you know... nasal singing... you know.. in the very chinese way... erm.. lots of err...remixes of otherwise, nice songs.. but.. yeah... then got the "pavarotti"-singing guy with the nasal-singing-very-shiny woman doing a duet.

wanna read even more details? just head over to the link below :D

the Olympics is officially over... and thus, boredom begins...


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