Sunday, August 31, 2008

50 places to see before you die


today was an uber boring day. lol.
linked people, then added new songs on my blog, then surfed the web aimlessly..
yea. then i came across this link.

1) Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

2) The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

3) Torres del Paine, Chile
4) Chichen Itza, Mexico

5) The Maldives, Maldives
6) Zermatt, Switzerland
7) Masai Mara, Kenya

8) Luxor, Egypt

9) Rapa Nui, Chile (Enigmatic maoi, iconic statues carved from compressed volcanic ash, scatter the remote island of Rapa Nui, better known as Easter Island. (OMG) The monumental stone heads were carved, moved and erected around AD1000, but the circumstances of their creators remain shrouded in mystery. Far off the coast of mainland Chile, the Polynesian island is not the cheapest destination, especially considering that you can see all its sights within a few days. However, this World Heritage site more than justifies the expense.)

10) Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe
11) The Alhambra, Spain

12) Angkor Wat, Cambodia

13) Yosemite National Park, USA
14) Bali, Indonesia

15) Hong Kong, Hong Kong

16) The Amazon, Brazil

17) Petra, Jordan

18) Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil

19) Golden Temple, India

20) Great Wall, China (been there, done that ;D)

21) Hawaii, USA
22) Angel Falls, Venezuela
23) Bangkok, Thailand (checked^^)

24) Machu Picchu, Peru
25) Bora Bora, Tahiti and her Islands (Forget places to see before you die – this is the place to indulge yourself before it’s too late. Tahiti and her Islands (also known as French Polynesia) represent an idyll where your dreams of the perfect tropical island getaway become reality. Isolated in the middle of the ocean, thousands of miles from anywhere, the islands are home to emerald lagoons, trees dripping with fruit, coral reefs and gorgeous sun-washed beaches. And Bora Bora is the country’s signature island.)

26) Himalayas, Nepal/Tibet/India (Mount Everest!!! K2!!!)
27) Sagrada Familia, Spain
28) Alaska, USA
29) Singapore, Singapore (A melting pot of East and West, and an eye-popping example of the region's economic success, Singapore never fails to overwhelm the first-time visitor. This former British trading post bristles with glass-smothered skyscrapers, flashing lights and spotless streets (chewing gum is famously banned here). Moreover, the city buzzes with a vibrant nightlife, a rich cultural mix and a lifetime’s worth of culinary experiences. Start by lapping up Singapore Sling cocktails at the famed Raffles Hotel one night, and chow down in the food markets of Bugis Junction and Clarke Quay the next.) (yup, i can't believe its on this list either...)

30) La Digue, Seychelles (Then again, if you’d swap all the monuments, cities and mountains in the world for a stunning stretch of sugary sand and sizzling sun, then be sure the Seychelles makes your list of places to see before you die. Of all the 115 islands that make up the country, La Digue is one of the most luxuriant, tropical paradises – ringed by dazzling beaches and sky-blue waters. And back onshore you’ll find the rich rhythms, colours and flavours of Africa.)

31) Dubai, UAE

32) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Let’s see. Why does Rio - the so-called Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvelous City) - deserve to be among the 50 places to see before you die? Could it be its location, sandwiched between lush, forested mountains and silky white beaches? Or maybe it’s the dramatic landmarks, from hilltop Christ the Redeemer (its was struck by lightning, but remained undamaged) to the city’s innumerable colonial mansions and churches. Or perhaps it’s the exuberant Cariocas themselves, whose passion is evident year-round, not only for the world-famous carnival. For whichever reason, though, Rio is at the top of many a traveller’s wishlist and rightly so.)

33) Uluru, Australia (Named Uluru by the local Pitjantjatjara people, it was then renamed Ayers Rock by explorer, William Gosse, in honour of Sir Henry Ayers, then chief secretary of South Australia. This was contentious for many years, and it is now dual-named.)

34) Cape Town, South Africa (Few world cities can compete with the natural backdrop of Cape Town. This beautiful city sits below the immense bulk of Table Mountain, is fringed by gorgeous beaches and cushioned by productive vineyards. There are also the lively cosmopolitan culture and friendly locals to boast of. But really all it takes is a ride up the mountain in Cape Town’s iconic cable car and you’ll understand why the city is so high on our list of places to see before you die.)

35) Las Vegas strip, USA

36) Red Square, Russia (It’s not red, and it’s not square. But everything else about this monumental plaza lives up to its incredible reputation. Russia’s symbolic heart does not disappoint in grandeur or sights. You could spend a week exploring the buildings that surround it: from Lenin's Mausoleum to the State History Museum, the GUM shopping centre to the stunning St Basil's Cathedral.)

37) The Acropolis, Greece
(Some would say this ‘city of temples’ is the most important ancient site in the Western world. We content ourselves with saying it’s one of the most spectacular by far. Crowned by the unmistakable bulk of the Parthenon, it sits above the city of Athens, and its presence is felt throughout the city. Begun in 510BC, the temples are built of gleaming white marble that turns golden as the light fades.)

38) Venice canals, Italy

Rialto Bridge
Bridge of Sighs

(This beautiful northern Italian city, famous for its gondoliers, is made up of 118 small islands, connected by bridges. See the stunningly ornate Rialto Bridge and the Byron-named Bridge of Sighs, the iconic enclosed limestone bridge that famously connected the old prison with the interrogation rooms of the Doge’s Palace. From here, prisoners took in their last view of Venice before being banged up.)

39) Stonehenge, UK (This ancient ring of monolithic stones adorns a million t-shirts, tea towels, posters and pencil sharpeners. Its druidic following has lent it a surreal, comic reputation. But Stonehenge’s mystical appeal that has endured for the last 5,000 years lives on, only enhanced by its mysterious origins. If we hesitated about putting Stonehenge on a list of places to see before you die for even a moment, it was only because visitors can no longer walk among the huge stones themselves. For that’s where you can fully appreciate what an incredible feat their erection represents.)

40) Niagara Falls, Canada/USA (These huge waterfalls are infamous, but no matter how many times you have seen them on Superman II, in real life the true scale, not to mention the sound, of the falls is a breathtaking experience. They sit between two unique cities, both called Niagara Falls, one in Ontario, Canada; one in New York, USA.)
41) The Coliseum, Italy
42) The Pyramids, Egypt (The subject of so very many conspiracy theories, in truth the origin of the pyramids is fairly straightforward – they were built as monuments to the men they entombed. There are still over 100 pyramids, the huge Giza pyramids on the outskirts of Cairo, being the most famous. The Great Pyramid is the only remaining member of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.)

43) Sydney Harbour, Australia

44) Manhattan, New York, USA

45) Eiffel Tower, France (Like Buckingham Palace and Beefeaters to London, this tower has come to be shorthand for France and Frenchness. A testament to modern architecture, the 319m-high iron structure was the tallest in the world from 1989 until the 1930s Chrysler Building in New York. The design, the view and the food at Le Jules Verne restaurant make this an ever-special place to visit.)

46) Mt Cook National Park, New Zealand (New Zealand was always a top contender in this list: a country of such astounding seismic beauty, with every natural attraction to boast of. Glacial mountains, vast lakes, steaming geysers, remote beaches and thick forests are just the beginning. The range of outdoor activities – from rafting to bungy jumping – is just as wide. And if there’s one place in New Zealand most worthy of this list, it’s the South Island, and in particular, the stunning Mt Cook National Park. No less than 22 of the country’s 27 highest mountains reside here. Mt Cook, itself, reaches 3,755m (12,391ft).)

47) Canadian Rockies, Canada

48) Taj Mahal, India

49) Great Barrier Reef, Australia

50) The Grand Canyon, USA (One of the only landmarks you can spot from outer space, this vibrant red canyon was born out of rock by the huge, rumbling Colorado River over millions of years. The canyon itself sits within the Grand Canyon National Park, and there’s now a glass ‘Skywalk’ rising 1220m (4,000ft) above the floor of the canyon, to really test your metal.)

I sooooo wanna go backpacking around the world...


daniel said...

There are still so many places that I have to go and see for myself! French Polynesia will be next! When you leaving? hahaha!

jenneth :) said...

ohmygoodness!!! really!?!?! you going there?? excellent choice i must say!! i would go there too but sadly.. i'm still schooling.. :( enjoy yourself!! :D