Friday, August 15, 2008

1 down, 3 to go...

hello y'all!!!!! hahaha didn't blog for... hmm... 2 days? yea... was sooooooo busy with exams!! and the first one's today!!!!!

FON paper... hmmm... half easy half difficult... overall... SHOULD be able to manage a pass!! hopefully... hmm *keeping fingers crossed*

Realised some thing really -.-!!! but it happens!! well.. what some of us did was memorise the information and the points of a particular concept. but FORGOT to memorise the title of the concept!!! so of course, we took some time to figure out what the qn was actually asking... LUCKY we did figure out what it was asking!! else the marks would have sprouted wings... hmm.. ok... nvm... i think y'all won't know what i'm saying... lol

nothing much happened these days but mugging, mugging, and more mugging.

Tomorrow's AAP paper!!! one of my weakest... wish me luck!!! :D so what okay. it on a SATURDAY?!?!?!

okay. i shouldn't be blogging... haha but the i-dont-wanna-study mood is back again... shit.

alright. imma go mug!!


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