Monday, September 1, 2008

The perfect job for the holidays zoomed right past me...

yup. so i woke up to to xuan hui's phone call... saying she found this job... and its a five day event with attractive pay. but shit happens people.

so met up with xuan and jean around 2pm at clementi. then went to international plaza for the "interview" which was really just filling up a form. and then. they told us that the event will be taking place on the 26th sept onwards. for 3 freaking days only. (which was great!!). but we realised that our clinical attachment will start from 15th sept onwards. so it clashes you see? and so. we din get the job afterall. so sian you know. hopes were flying high all the way to they point when we finished filling up the form lo. then met vanessa. there too.. haha such a coincidence eh? ya. then asked her about the job and what she said made us go WTH. cos they were helping out in an event ________________________ and it was superb leh!!! (okay. i'm not supposed to say anything about it. so go figure.). and it sucked cos the people there were sooo nice. and i'm sure working for them will be excellent lor.

then no choice lo. so we went in search of this minds cafe. searched so longggggggg for it... and even took a cab. okay. nvm. i'm so sian half right now i dun feel like talking alr.



ps: i'll post the pics some other time alrites??? :)

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