Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day of the year people!!

oh man!! time walked by this year. yup. not too fast nor too slow..
but school is gonna reopen alr and i HATE it!!!!! ROAR

got your new year resolutions ready? i haven't.
done your "holiday homework"? i haven't.
planned anything for the year ahead? i haven't.


today, you turn eighteen!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

see? i told you i FORGOT how to blog.

anyways, i'm still alive!!! and now imma sum up what i did since christmas. (practically NOTHING) so don't bother reading if you don't want to.


so christmas,
wasn't much fun.
just chilling in front of the comp. then the tv. then back to comp. repeat cycle a few more times.

then added a few more songs to the playlists as well! :P

boxing day (first weekday after christmas for those who dunno)
hmm.. repeat above cycle..


ShiQi called me and asked me out!! surprise lo. wasn't expecting to hear from her.. miss her lots!!

went out to Lot 1 just to chat..
so, accompanied her to her haircut.
then went to KFC for lunch.
(oh crap).
then went in and out and in kiddy palace to shop for stuff...

then went to sit somewhere to chat somemore.. LOL-ed.

then went to look for jobs..

-nyny. no vacancies.

-pastamania, got to fill in the form and said they might call us back for interview ard mon or tues. (yeah right, like they EVER do)

-pizzahut. oh my god. a particular TRAINEE by the name of WILLIAM is a ******. he thinks he's the manager or what? wth. what kinda attitude eh? nice.

then went to bus interchange to chat somemore then headed home..
Thanks for asking me out and laming with me, my dear. or i think i would of stuck to the seat infront of my comp alr. LOL.


was rot rot rot rot rot.
made pitas for dinner.. it was.. cheesy.. LOL

was a total rottttt at home day.


today supposed to go to may2 house to TRY and do SAWI project.. but didn't. sorry..
and i haven't seen sunlight for 3 days already so i think i'm turning into a vampire already. (yeah i'm still not over it.)


can someone please force me to start on my schoolwork pleaseee.
freaking school starts in about 6 days. and i'm really freaking out alr.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Joyeux Noël!!!


Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas!!!

hope all of you enjoy my Christmas Playlist!!! <3

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i gotta stop watching movies man!!!

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist +
Four Christmases
Twilight =


but still!!
went out with maymay and xh loves to watch...

its awesome!!! 4.5/5 stars <3
the movie screams one word at you throughout : TEENAGERS!!!
(enter at your own risk!)

Twilight is ruining my life!!! UGH!

well! i promised myself to post pictures of at least the malacca trip (not much though..), but look!! didn't happen!! cos Stephenie Meyer ate my life.

<---------- Go do the quiz!!! I DON'T CARE!!! (WHAT? I'm BORED.)

PS: there's news that tonight (23 Dec 08), there will be an exclusive "The Making of Twilight" on Channel 5. muhahaha

Friday, December 19, 2008

hello people!!!

uh... wow.. its been so long since i blogged man..
forgotten how to blog alr..

hmm.. so my comp's been back in working condition for about a week alr.. and i needed a hiatus from blogging too..


01/12/08 - 12/12/08 --------------------------
attachment at NUH.
mostly.. everything passed in a blur and i didn't bother so much this time and paid the price for it, reflected in the stupid logbook. great.
i hate working there..
and somehow, during those days, i managed to change my passport (ugh.. the process was painfully slow..) , allowed myself to stupidly buy "New Moon" (which made me broke), collected the "Tales of Beedle the Bard", "celebrate" my birthday, spend approximately $120 bucks, and go crazy over the twilight saga.



13/12/08 - 14/12/08 --------------------------
Malacca trip..
it was alright.. just a tad boring..
the river tour, and the nyonya food was nice though.. teehee :D
trip was supposedly 1 day only.. but somehow.. our coach broke down and the new one had to be caught in a jam. ah well, it WAS the weekends..


15/12/08 ------------ caught "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" --- 4/5 stars :D (GO CATCH IT!! NICE!!)
AND, "Four Christmases" --- 2.5/5 stars (it was too real for a good movie.. but insightful i guess..)
and i spent an obscene amount of money too..


16/12/08 ------------
went out with nydia :)
to yuki yaki
and i bought "Eclipse" (book. NOT the mints.)

so, do the math yourself.


17/12/08 ------------
spent the day at home clearing up the laptop.. whoa.. 17 days of untouched digital mess.
took a long, long time..


18/12/08 ------------
supposedly, to finally watch Twilight. (its the official opening day in Singapore see..)
but my god damn phone had to be an asshole! perfect timing i tell you..

sorry xuan.. and so i spent the entire freaking day moping around the internet.. and i just had to stumble upon "Midnight Sun"!!! WTH!! (uh.. its Edward version of Twilight)
err.. its kinda nice you know :P go check it out if you wanna.. :D Link 264 pages of goodness ^^
and today,
bought yet another book of the saga "Breaking Dawn" (and i hereby, declare myself bankrupt)

oh!! and.. i finally caught Twilight!!! :D


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


firstly, i am unable to log on to the internet since 30 nov.
therefore, i haven't been blogging.
which makes me kinda miserable.
which makes me so angry.
and i wanna punch my laptop.

and now, i have to resort to using np's computer.

attachment sucks.
i hate the system.
i hate the environment.
i hate everything.
i wanna go back sgh man.
the forms are like so different??!!
first day, orientation alr started working.. very blur.. parameter charts. all the charts.. all gong one.
second day third day kns also. nothing to do one, as compared to sgh. call bell can one whole day ring just once or none at all.
somemore renal ward, nothing much to learn= nothing much to sign for logbook. later fail how?!!

today got the french results back.. abt 1/2 the class failed??
passed with a pathetic 67%. and nope. i'm not proud. of course not. and cos of this, i want to punch someone and say orh be good in her face. i get the last laugh, yet again. even if the results suck. shame on you. tsk.

one month w/o french. happy or sad? boo.

i think i've gone mad over twilight?? but not quite?? gee.. its a weird feeling..

ps: god knows when i will be blogging again man.. :(

Sunday, November 30, 2008

bad luck comes in threes.

it's true.
i was sceptical at first too.
but after so many experiences, i've grown to believe it.

if i've counted right, this "curse" should end right about now.
she went mad and started nagging at everyone in her vicinity. sadly, house was empty at that point in time except for me and my grandma of course. and i was unluckily at the receiving end. perfect timing eh? wadever.

you started my dear. you. it always has to be like this. and you got me worried. i thought i needed to get you checked out. well, let me tell you this, GO. TO. HELL.

shit happened again.

have you realised, that when you hate someone real bad, you start to notice him/her more and more, and when that happens, you find that sometimes, some traits that you hate about that person are reflected in yourself.

in other words, sometimes, when we feel we hate someone, its really just us hating ourselves.

then, we start to reflect about ourselves, about people around us and the things that make up our life, and we try so desperately hard to change. sometimes unsuccessfully.

praise god, for life's mirror.

i've got the answer you are looking for, for so long :
you drove them away my dear, not the other way round. (else, why in the world would perfect strangers say exactly the same thing running through my mind?)

told you so.


on a totally different note, attachment starts tomorrow and i'm not looking forward to it. dang.
first day, just orientation. from 8am-4pm.


Saturday, November 29, 2008


class outing at was alright..
met up at palawan beach.. then played.. gossip.. wadeva wadeva. till this morn..

there was a peacock on the beach ytd!! LOL

tanned and fun in the sun and sand and in the clear, blue, cooling water of the sea.. chilling under the big blue sky peppered with fluffy white clouds..

then lazing around in the calmness of the night under a blanket of stars.

reached home bout 8.30am or so.. and K.O-ed.

more pics with salleh.. so wait for that yea :P
shit always happens people.. but when it does, don't let it get you down.
that's the hard part we all have to learn.


next up, nr deadline postponed till monday 5pm.. don't think imma do much of it.. not started yet... dead.

-attachment at NUH this coming Monday. for two weeks.. T.T
-after attachment, malacca trip?? i think.. heh.. 1day only -.-
-then christmas
-then new year

and then, it'll all start again. boo.

psstt.. my birthday is coming!!! XD

Thursday, November 27, 2008

time to laze around and rot!!!

Common Test over alr!! :D
and surprisingly, after an entire night of last minute cramming, i must say that cmbio ain't as scary as i thought it would be..
actually, i think this may be my best paper of the five...
and most probably the only one i'll pass.


so, i'll do the honours of presenting the gone-case statistics!!! :D

5down, 3 to go!!!

oh yea!! i got my Twilight today.. like FINALLY!!!!!
and i preordered the tales of beedle the bard!!!
and i'm super happiieee!!!! :)

and i got my tank tops
and if things go as planned, no rain or whatsoever, tmr can go class outing!!!

and enjoy life!!!

oh. hey. wait.
reality just sunk in. and punched me.
now common test is over and done with,
its time to do nr project. due during weekend..
and after nr, attachbloodyment starts on 01 December.
oh, and if common test didn't make it, retests to worry about.

Conclusion: time to laze around and rot!!! NOT.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

4 down, 5 to go. (yea. you read that right.)

today's AAP was as predicted. A goner. Totally.
and i'm so damn dumb. i remember the "OhOhOh" thing. in the end, question ask, but dunno what the question's asking for. so write wrong bloody answer when i could of gotten full bloody marks (at least for that question)..


French? lets just say that i'm really sad.
studied so hard. what came out in the test was all chimology. Grammar being the biggest culprit.

i'm hoping that my short essay will pull me up though.. its the only thing i really know for goodness sake.
and the first two sections? it'll be a blessing if i get more than 5 marks. combined.

and no, there's no retest. so if i fail, i can't go on to next term, which means imma kiss bye bye to my $160.50.


i hereby present the true statistics of a gone-case person with a gone-case goldfish brain.

4 down, 5 to go.

know why?

tomorrow will be CMBio Common Test.

add on,
FON&NSL Retest
Pharmacology Retest
AAP Retest
CMBio Retest.

awesome right.

why do i always get the worse of the lot? geez!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

(no comments)

*punches self*

~read prev post~

One down!!! 4 to go!!!

FON+NSL paper= gone case.


and know what? i didn't follow that study like mad schedule on sunday. mighty.

and pharmaco tomorrow? it'll be a goner too. mu.ha.ha.

AAP on wed? lagi worse. dunnid study alr.

this time imma really gonna have to follow if not i punch myself.

Schedule for Tuesday
9-10am- Pharmacology Common Test
10-11am- Go home, chill...
11-gkw- prepare French Common Test.
gkw-gkw- study AAP (maybe)


ha.ha.ha. fat chance i'll follow man.


*gkw= god knows when

Sunday, November 23, 2008

And so, it begins..

Oh no...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

mug X infinity .not.

yea... studied 3 and 1/2 chapters of fon so far... good alr hor..

i've got 30% of my sense of urgency back!!! wee~~

currently pondering whether to rush nr assignment.. exam ends on thurs. due date for assignment on fri.. might as well not do sia.. hai..


schedule for tmr, (not gonna put timing coz sure wont follow de lo..)
-study FON
-study NSL

-study at least 2 chaps of pharm..
-revision on french


schedule for monday
7am- cry prepare to go school, revise abit(hopefully)
9-10am- climb into coffin FON Common Test

10-12pm- swimming lesson
12-1.30pm- go home, bathe, bitch abt test...
---STUDY X infinity


wadeva la.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Merde alors!

woot~~ today no pharmaco quiz.. no nr..

tmr FON test... hope can survive it!

3 more days to the common test. oh. god. still no mood to study..

i think imma flunk everything this time..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

oh. god. i'm in deep deep deep shit.

20nov : Pharmaco class quiz, STUDY

21nov : FON class quiz, STUDY!

22nov : STUDY!!

23nov : STUDY!!!

24nov : FON&NSL Common Test, STUDY!!!!

25nov : Pharmaco Common Test, STUDY!!!!!, ?do AAP quiz?

26nov : AAP Common Test, French Common Test, STUDY!!!!!!

27nov : CMBio Common Test, ?chiong NR indiv assignment?, celebrate or cry or X.X

28nov : NR Indiv Assignment due, First Aid training for marathon, Class Outing @ Sentosa

and i haven't really studied for anything at all.

shoot me.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


nice clothes are non-existent.
nice jeans are non-existent even in Levis.
"twilight" seems to be non-existent in every book store in singapore.
money seems to be non-existent in my pocket.
my brain seems to be non-existent..
my heart seems to be non-existent too..
my memory is confirmed non-existent, worse of all.
life also seems to be so non-existent.

now even my eff-ing sense of urgency is non-existent.
come on man! 5 more eff-ing days to the eff-ing common test!! where the heck could you be??!


Monday, November 17, 2008

i want to get away for a while...

the weather is really nice today!! i love it when it's so cold.. but not so cold to the point where you shiver.. perfect. and it reminds me of wanting to get overseas!!! haii.. i wanna go to cape town.. switzerland.. oh man, i better not start again.

erhem. so today swimming lesson we learnt how to .. eh.. dive?.. yah. anything la. haha was kinda fun...
but we so suay de lo.. next week is common test alr. but swimming lesson still on lor. :(
and also twice, during the school vacation wor.. stupid attendance system.. so inflexible..

oh yea.. omgomgomg next week is the COMMON TEST ALR. i'd better get a move on sia.. only really studied 1 chapter of cmbio! out of everything! arrgghh. but STILL as always i can't seem to remember ANYTHING!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008


wee~~ i think the aap lecture hall empty today lo!! :D

haahah okay this post is gonna be so random. cos i am so sian and i dunno how to write what i wanna write.

anyway, went lot with missy soh aft sch just now.. hai... shop lo.. $15 bucks gone.. -.-

oh! i finally got my shades!!! =D yay?

i wanna more bangles
i wanna more shades
i wanna more money and i dunno where they flew to..
i wanna go zurich.. eh... for good.. ???
i wanna work elsewhere
i wanna further studies cos i wanna
i wanna go backpacking
i wanna be invisible for a day and do god knows what
i wanna i dunno what i wanna.
i wanna a camera
i wanna chocolate
i wanna hoodies
i wanna shop shop shop until i faint
i wanna watch twilight
i wanna read twilight
i wanna read tales of beedle the bard
i wanna fast forward time at will

em.. oh.. the high school musical 3 was so cheesy and nice and not nice and woo~~ at the same time i dunno what to say about it. *3.5/5*

oh ya. i wanna buy twilight, like, now. omt. i can't take it alr. shat.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

i am such a slacker!!!!!

oh my tian!!!
people are already started planning to study!! i think some started alr lo!! ROAR

and i'm so not in the mood to study!!! school started like 5 weeks ago?? and i'm STILL in holiday mode!! gosh...

AHEM. ytd leh.. went to sch so sian lor. 2 hrs cmbio only. then after tt got french for like 2.5hrs lor!! which is 30 mins longer than usual.. cos of the confusion last week or something la. reached home bout 10pm.
then went blog and blogshop hopping. cos i very sian can anot.

then today dun have the 4hr nsl lesson!!! wee~~
but still gotta go sch to bo-liao..
nr learn nothing as usual.. then pharmaco also learn nothing cos the teacher is stupid. dun understand how she can be a lecturer.
in our blood got wad? platelets, wbc, rbc all those right.
she said in our blood got veins arteries and capillaries. *clap clap clap* thats the most informative thing i've learned in my entire life.
oh oh!! liver is pronounced as [LI-VOU] btw!!
go her lesson is solely for attendance and entertainment purpose only.
qiqi bully me again. as always. so i bite her. muahaha. i heart you lots lots!! N.O.T.

tmr no nsl too!!!! YAY!!! but still have to go school at freaking eight obscene a.m. D:

saturday will have the first aider course for the marathon too...


I'm not a girl,There is no need to protect me.
It's time that I
Learn to face up to this on my own.
I've seen so much more than you know now,
So don't tell me to shut my eyes.
I'm not a girl,
But if you look at me closely,
You will see it my eyes.
This girl will always find
Her way.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

yay!!! one chore OFF my shoulders..

i am totally a ponteng + late queen lo!! :D
sunday night.. chiong project. end up do only a few pages wor.. then was uber uber tired.. kena nagged.. then sleep till late for school so decided to pon liao...

that teacher dunno talking wad also la. can't understand a word he says. not to discriminate.. but i really think foreigners shouldn't be allowed to teach in Singapore. cos they've got this slang and accent.. and its so difficult for local students to catch what they are saying while the students from the same foreign country as the lecturers actually do. its just not fair?


right. skip that.
so i turned up for the swimming lesson only. cos if i miss that, imma have to do make up lor. wahaha
and we swam laps again... but it was fun :D


last night slept for two hours too cos a little bit of my sense of urgency hit me.
chiong project till 95% finish. then study a lil' bit of nsl.

oh yea. the nsl. practical. test.
i totally screwed it up big time okay. i was so damn damn damn nervous and i don't know why!!!
and i got blood glucose monitoring. and i had to prick the teacher??!?! SHAT.
and the teacher's blood so hard to collect la!!! so little can!??! then in the end the result is hypo somemore lor. then she laugh muhahaha. okay la. broke the ice a little. not so scary..
and this topic is so easy. too easy. too easy till you will forget to do and verbalise some things.


then just now got stupid cmbio quiz. and we weren't even notified of it beforehand!!! how to BLOODY do well you tell me?!

okay. nvm. so currently in the library... sawi assignment completed. mel quizzes completed.
now its time to tackle the upcoming common test. which could be next week and i feel so dooooomed.

wait... where's my sense of urgency again?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Remembrance Sunday @ Kranji War Memorial

went for the Remembrance Sunday Ceremony today with Qi. met her at YT at 7am.. cause the ceremony starts at 7:30am.. wahaha late queen was late again!!

ahem. anyway, went to Kranji War Memorial to do the SAWI project lo. and we were so "heng" it rained. -.- despite that, there were many many people attending!! many foreigners too!! came down specially to see their relatives' grave..

reached there, just in time for the presentation of the poppy wreaths. then followed by the 2-mins silence, followed by "The Post". then a few hymns...
ended ard 8am or so wor.. quite fast. so we proceeded to walk ard.. bought the poppies.. then took some pics for the project.

the Kranji War Memorial was really beautiful and peaceful.. with the extremely neat and manicured lawns.. its all quiet and green and very very relaxing. oh gosh. i'm like out of word to describe this place la. but its AWESOME.

currently my SAWI is like only 45% done la. gone case.

NSL Practical Test is like 0% revised? gosh.

okay. imma post the pics then i'll go rush my SAWI. tata~
" Their Name Liveth For Evermore"
Poppy wreaths from people around the world..

Saturday, November 8, 2008

where is my sense of urgency eh?

right. ytd din blog cos reached home ard 12 plus am..

went for the BREATHE event with school.. and we had to wear a duper ugly t-shirt lo :(

it was boring... so halfway through ham, xuan and moi ended up in minds cafe...

then ard 8 we went back.. in time for the freestyle competition.. not that bad.. then after that was party again!! hahah but its by DJ Andrew Chow from Zouk this time.. hmm.. well.. i'll just say that it wasn't as nice as NP@45 party.. heh.

Breathe in:
Breathe Out:


okay. now i'm really going to have to start on my SAWI project. tata~

Thursday, November 6, 2008


now got new nsl quiz on mel.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


YAY. i just realised that its not my computer's prob that the photos can't be uploaded... its the blogger. only my account though.. dunno why.. boo
and when i have to upload photos, it must be from my computer. cant use the url field.. aww..
NP@45 Party!!! 31Oct08 =)
(Credit: Kai Wen from npTribune)


Bro's Birthday!!! :)

i think my bro wished for purple horns for his birthday...

i am so gonna not make it.

okay. so. i'm in the bloody school now..
cos got comp to use. like duh. okay.. got siao lang (crazy person) beside me... i'm so freaked out. he keeps going "oh my gaaawwddd" then giggling to himself.

anyway, supposed to have french virtual classroom lesson become no lesson la. wa.. waste my time sia..

oh ya.. obama won :D ... ... nvm.

so went to check mel. and i feel so doomed. alot of rubbish sia
next tues is the doomsday.

next tues, 11/11/08 is the damn SAWI assignment deadline. on MeL. i haven't started. to be frank..
next tues, 11/11/08 is the NSL Practical Exam alr. i haven't practiced. or read up even..

then the cmbio folder.. dunno what tutorial 5 document la. kns.

then nr group assignment... what crap.

oh, back to NSL, there will be a quiz uploaded by friday 07/11/08.

then pharmaco's online quiz. due on friday.

and of course, the bloody common test. its gonna be in our face for the whole week 6 and 7.

and come december, attachment starts again. for two damn weeks.

what crap.


i totally don't know what to do about the bloody SAWI okay. shit.
the subject is so irrelevant. that i want to tear the irrelevant book and stuff it in the irrelevant school's face.

okay. its like 8:30 now. and the crazy person is like singing to himself. real loud. ya. the person on my other side gave him weird looks lor. still dun stop la. gee... i think he's watching porn la. right. i'm out of here.

Happy birthday :)

right. its 5th of Nov.. so..


i really think you're secretly reading my blog lor. wth. dun tell me anyway la. later i faint.
anyway.. just wanna tell you that you're so damn old..


so.. off topic.. the attachment roster should be out by now lor. what 4th of nov sia. bunch of give-people-false-hope people. eww.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

we are all trying... too hard... far. too. hard.

right. today. sat for the cmbio quiz i missed. can say i die alr.

okay. so tomorrow got extra class of the eff-ing aap. and i so don't eff-ing know what the teacher is saying.

and exam is just around the corner.. common test to be exact. and i'm so not ready for it. my memory ain't ready.. never is. never will... and i feel like quitting school. but i know i mustn't. shit. i really hate this feeling.

right. and i want to skip school tomorrow. i don't want to sit through the damn aap tutorial la. what for? and after the damn aap, there's nr? and its like so not worth going.. cos we learn practically NOTHING. and after that, cmbio.. NYP ain't studying the subject, why should we? nothing more to say.

Monday, November 3, 2008

so many things.. so little time..

okay.. today sucked basically.. dunno what to say..
supposed to have swimming class.. then it was raining.. -.- so just sat there for the whole 2hrs.. wasting life..

i hereby, declare that both my laptop and my desktop are in a coma. send your condolences, thanks.

WTF happened to my computer or my blogger huh? walao eh. can't upload the pics okay. shit lor. siao alr. i really really wanted to post the damn party pics alr la. waa.. drag some more later become obsolete la. WTF

Sunday, November 2, 2008

(i can't think of a title!!!)


so today, i tried to switch on my desktop. and it died as predicted. shat.
then i went to try the laptop. and guess what? it went crazy too and hanged everytime it reaches the start menu. goodness.. then i gave up..

and i finally started revising!!! =D like just highlight stuff la.. nothing went in.. but at least i read up right? boo. revised a bit only though.. :(

so.. i'm using my mum's lappie now.. :X shhh.. dun say i say one..

anyway, i received the pictures of the dance party.. not much.. just two.. but its awfully nice of the photographer to like send them to us, at all!! :D he's Kai Wen from npTribune btw!! =D

unfortunately.. i don't know what the hell happened to blogger. i can't seem to be able to upload the photos!!!!! ROAR
next time then!

hmm.. oh ya.. just now when the next plane home song played, it sounded like mutated daniel powter singing.. its like the voice turned all raspy and hoarse and scary.. i think its just the speaker? not the music?

oh and i watched the twilight trailers, *click*(1)*click*, *click*(2)*click*, again just now.. its
coming out in cinemas soon!! 21 nov 08.. and i'm so gonna watch it!! :)

oh, you guys may have alr read the article..
the harry potter and the half-blood prince movie's supposed to screen on 21 nov 08 one.. like twilight.. but some writer strike things happened then its like pushed far far back to 17 jul 09 la. so damn WTF can. ROAR. more than half a year back can.
and then stumbled upon the trailer of the movie. then even more ROAR la. WTF.
there are two hp trailers, *click*(1)*click*, *click*(2)*click*, made so far.. and if you can say you ain't gonna watch it... you're not human.

set your zoom level to 200% for best viewing pleasure!! :D

and its 2nd of nov!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

if i were a boy...

i think my computer's gone crazy alr. i've reboot-ed it like 3 times so far... and my laptop isn't looking so good either. so if both crashes, ... i think i'll just die of boredom.

i just realised how much work there is to do. but i'm still not moving.. so someone please throw some motivation in my face. oh my gosh. i'm really starting to doubt if i can make it through poly.


oh, if you're wondering, the title's got nothing to do with this post at all. i just really like the song. its by beyoncé. =D

but something happened just now that made me think.. if i were a boy... but its all good :)

and the net seems so empty.. since last night... its like everyone got drunk during halloween and K.O-ed for the whole day. even kennysia's tagboard died ytd. cool~



time really flies when you're having fun... party started ard 8pm? 8.30? and before we knew it, its like 11.30pm alr!!!

we may have missed the Kanye West Glow in the Dark Tour ytd, but we've got DJ Ko-Flow rocking the crowd and his deejay-ing was AWESOME.

p/s: well, its like really really really late now so i'm going to end this post very very abruptly. and blogger sucks as i can't upload any freaking photos. and i'm waiting for more of them from the photographer. okay imma K.O. now.

tata~~ :D

Friday, October 31, 2008

you have not one bit of sense, nor understanding..


holy tian. tmr got a damn cmbio quiz and i didn't even open my cmbio book for revision today. nope. not one single bit. and i think i'm going to die. oh ma gosh. motivation is missing man. gee..

i am slacking.. more and more.. no matter how much i try to study. and as usual, nothing ever goes in... sighhhh...

SAWI assignment, NR assignment, Pharm mel quiz, nsl worksheet, french assignment.

good lord.

oh, and there isn't nsl tmr yo. so BY RIGHT, school will start with stupid fon at 8 freaking am, then at 10am we'll have a 2hr long break. after that, will be fon tutorial. for one hour, then 2 hour break again. then 2 hrs of bloody aap.

would you want to go to school if you were me? maybe.
but i don't. i don't want to go to school so FREAKING early for just 2 hrs of lecture followed by a 2 hr break. i don't want.

why is school so unappealing this semester? tell me pls.

but then, there will be the party tmr!!! :D hmm.. hope it isn't a let down..


oh, and suan, i think i'm finally finally catching on to the magic of stephenie meyer. why did i ever buy the eclipse? :P
now i can't wait for the movie to come out la. walao.


okay. imma go sleep soon...
but i wanna thank my beloved qiqi for pei-ing me today. :D thanks a million man!! :D
although you almost froze me.. on the train.. with your lameness. >.<

peace out~~

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


-.- i am so sian now. today bring my laptop for nothing. my arms ache for nothing. my bag heavy like siao for nothing. wth.

and i dunno if i should be happy or angry wad lor. french lessons are like ending earlier and earlier. and the things we learn per lesson (in comparison to the 101 course) is like 1:5 lor. serious. sigghhhh...

anyway, tomorrow got nsl for 4 damn long hours. i feel like ...


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i wanna spray my whole damn room with insecticide.

around 2:30am, i was rudely awakened by a stupid bloody tiny mosquito. damn it. 5 bites.
so i was damn angry la. the bites were HUGE okay. spent 15 mins "hunting" for the damn pest.

saw it on my beloved bolster lor. then i tried to catch it la. nb. thought i got it. but i opened the tissue to find it empty lor. nb. so went back to sleep after fruitless searching for a bit more.

then 15 mins later, 6 more freaking bites appeared okay.
so got up yet again. found it. (supposedly) caught it. nb. spent yet another 20 mins waiting and searching for it okay.

then finally gave up. and spent the whole damn night on the couch lor. and it was bloody sweltering.

so idiot okay. then came back from school. found it. (supposedly) caught it again lor.

walau.. i think this particular mosquito is reincarnation of Houdini lor. asshole.

wa... just now de CSI shi scary de lor.

Monday, October 27, 2008

this is so damn frustrating.

wa... i think i need to smash my laptop to powder.

i can't seem to concentrate on school work and i'm so frustrated!!!!!
nevertheless... i'm happy that i finished my nsl, french and 1/2 of my SAWI assignment la.

eh..the other 1/2 of the dumb SAWI dun care alr la. dunno how to do lo. sian. and i find it so dumb that nursing students have to study things like SAWI. Singapore and World Issues. Well.. we may need to know about economy and stuff like that. but do we need to go as far as writing essays on places of interest in singapore!?!!??! i dun get it lor!!! ROARRRR

oh ya.. just so you guys know, there's a finance quiz on mel you can do. gives you ONE cca point just for doing the boring boring quiz. ya.. i'm desperate la. who cares man. dun say i never share hor. LOL.

tata~~ :D

Happy Deepavali

Here's wishing all Hindus, Jains and Sikhs a Happy Deepavali!!! :D

hmm... offifial date is actually 28th Oct. but the holiday is today!!! :D

Friday, October 24, 2008

i really really hate myself sometimes.


common test is so damn near now. in just a few months weeks time. shit. and i'm still quite lost.we didn't get very good teachers this time round lor. haiiii so far.. i only feel nsl teacher is okay lor. at least can understand what she say ma.
fon lecture also can la. although lessons so boring but can understand can liao lor. fon tutorial is a whole different story can. the teacher... talk like machine gun liddat.

wa.. then the important subjects like aap and pharmaco, the teachers all... walao.. dunno what they talking one okay. i think imma die this time round lor.
why can't we friggin' get teachers like dr thomas or dr ronnie they all huh. walao.. gone case..

i am so lagging behind too lor. shit. totally no motivation left at all after the holidays lor. feel like forgotten how to study alr la. -.-
NSL got worksheet, SAWI got individual & group assignment, french got homework. all haven't do lor. shit.
hmmm... thank god monday is holiday lor.

today salleh never come school lo.. so much less laughter sia.. ):

and today's lessons all so boring de lor. dun go sch also can sia. pui.

wahahahaha oh ya. sim got this "flea market" thing.. idiot lor. make me even more broke than i alr am la. siiiiiighhh

okay. i've made up my mind alr. i shall try and do all my homework tomorrow. try. else i seriously think i won't go on to year 2.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

i <3 my friends!!!!! :D

PICTURES!!!!!!!!! taken during NSL's break (:

Introducing missy soh's hand. please stare long and hard at the hand.
thank you :D

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

to change or not to change..

i'm still pondering over the attachment thing.... siiiggghhhhhh....
actually made up my mind alr... to accept fate lorr... then just stay in nuh la. then i realised that its so bloooooooooddyyyy hard to get to lor. siao. then morning shift like that i sure die. sgh so simple la. two mrts can reach liao.... wth wth wth. i am so so so so so damn confused!!!!! but if say wanna change to sgh also most likely cannot one lor. wth. the two "new" people, one sure won't wanna change one. the other one i dunno is who lor. WTH.

okayy.... shan't talk bout that alr for now.. today got french... mostly is refresh what we learnt...
still on the same lesson as last week eh... hmmm... i think we are lagging behind lor...
wahahaha.. then watched movie.. "Antoine and Colette". quite nice de wor... :) heng got subtitle.. walao.. they speak french like machine gun one lor. fast until.....

then next week must bring laptop... -.- haiii... so heavy... heng i got laptop lor. if not another thing to worry about sia... cos none of them taking french from nursing lor. means all got laptop lor. siao liao...

tomorrow lesson starts at freaking 8 freaking o freaking clock freaking am. and so does freaking friday.
tomorrow first thing in the freaking early morning is nursing skills for 4 freaking hours straight lor. die.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

life's NOT good.

i'm gonna blog about a few things... hmm...
today school was boring. very boring. pharmaco and 3 hrs of crappy sssllllllloooooooowwwwwwwww cmbio all in one day.
oh, then there's the rainforest party thats gonna take place :D soon. like 31 oct!! :) hahaha hope there's still tickets man.
okay. then... i think my ******* something wrong again. shit.
and then. here comes the part where i shall say WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF.
asshole. got this kind of things one lor. you tell me. lynn called the other day.. saying attachment in dec will be at the same hospital, with the same ppl, only different ward lor. WTF.
then today go mel. WTF. i become attachment in NUH. WTF. with COMPLETELY different people. WTF. NONE of whom i know. WTF. in ward 55. WTF. and i have no idea at all if the people there's gonna be as nice as sgh's w75a. but WTF. why of all people i'm having attachment with, its gotta be ME who changes? why can't it be the treat-patient-like-animal person? WTF. its like not small change okay. WTF. its a HUMONGOUS BIG change okay. WTF. always me lor.

on the other f**king hand, could it be a blessing in disguise? could this be like an opportunity for me to see what nuh is like? so i can make the bonding decisions better? that i'm gonna be in the same hospital as xuan and salleh and maymay??

but then, got so many factors for me to want to stay in SGH know. WTF. for me, sgh more convenient ba. then i'm more familiar with the surroundings. won't feel so lost ma. and i've alr considered 70% sgh for bonding lor. and i'm quite sure i won't even sign for nuh la. then if w64 get the kimberly woman i also won't mind sia. cos she mark quite lenient de. WTF. why the f**king sch must do this to me huh. i wanna kill myself alr.

WHAT. THE. F***.

Monday, October 20, 2008

i am so sian.

okay la. so i dun feel like talking but the sat outing liao. but i wanna say i enjoyed it :) and hammie's mama's mee soto damn nice de k. muahhahahaha :D


ok. so fast forward to today, hmm... first s&w lesson.. as you all may alr know from the FAKE usain bolt (in the tagboard) i joined swimming and i dreamt night and day for my entire life to become micheal phelps.

was okay. tiring... but could be worse oh.. :)
coach wasn't that bad either.. haahhah

can't say it was fun.. it was infact, quite boring cos all we did was swim laps...
but i rather be bored in water than on land. seriously. at least can build sandcastles in the waterrr... :D actually i needn't have worried so much bout so many things... but i do still need to get my blue shirt lor. *sigh*

Sunday, October 19, 2008

everyone should go to flea markets once in a while!!! :D

haahahah today (yesterday rather, its past midnight..) was a day out with xuan and salleh :D

i'll blog the details next time cos i think imma knock out in front of the comp soon. ahahhaha

anyway, flea markets. i bought a cotton on bf's shirt, for just 3bucks okay. in perfect condition somemore. and a bracelet, 5 bucks, and a bracelet/necklace for 2 bucks!! :D duper stuffy, crowded and dusty that my nose almost came of afterwards. but worth it :)

Friday, October 17, 2008


KL/Genting Trip. -pictures courtesy of salleh's camera!!
Pictures taken on monday's 2-hour break. wahahaha. courtesy of salleh's omg-so-nice phone. hahaha, we mixed our faces!! :D