Monday, February 15, 2010

i. do. NOT. want. to. belong. to any. of. you.

My exams are coming. it’s the finals. I just want to study. I don’t want to be involved in any of this stupid family shit. Is that really so much to ask for? I can’t study in a fucking house full of shouting and nonsense like this. Even your darling son hates you. All he asked for was for you to stop, when he’s around. And you couldn’t do that? You don’t have to hurt us. Its stupid to hurt your only allies. The only ones you would back you up. The only ones, because you have a fuck-ed up family too, remember? Sometimes I know you know that you are hurting us. But then, why don’t you stop? Do you enjoy it? That’s just sick.

Thank you for everything you guys have done for me, truly. But EIGHTEEN fuck-ed up years is more than enough. If you wanna get divorced. Get it done. I don’t give a fuck anymore. Why not? You can openly fuck around, you don’t have to keep your dick to yourself, you can go find another person/whore, to fuck around with if you want. And you can go find your well-deserved “happiness” with another man.
As for who to follow. I don’t think you made yourself clear. But I DON’T BELONG TO ANY OF YOU. Fuck you all.

I won’t cry. Not in front of you anyways. I’m stronger than that.

Ps: yes, I’m sick of all this venting on my blog too. I wish it wasn’t like this. I’m sorry. Happy Lunar New Year.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

to save you the trouble, can I move out?

well, FML.

just this morning you said to him "eh come on, don't drag her into the picture."

now what? you dragged an additional 3 people into the picture.
1 of whom shouldn't even be involved. and look at you go, could you not see the hurt on her face?

and it hurts like hell. fair?

if you wanna kill the fucker, go ahead and kill the fucker cause i don't give a flying fuck.
just quit hurting her alright. its not her goddamn fault, so you should just stop taking out on her.

and what's the point of "trying" to make it up to her when all you're gonna do is hurt her all over again like what you're doing now?
its just like splitting open a healing gash, letting it heal a little, then repeating the process over.
i lost count.

you see, i really hope its still not too late.
and you jolly well NOT regret what you've done.

sometimes, its best to just let it go.

they say don't turn away from your problems.
i say it depends.

isn't it true though?
sometimes, problems really do solve themselves.
and the more you, or someone else meddle with it, the worse it becomes.

we say why not just go ahead and do it then?
and then she says 'i wish it were that simple'.
don't we all?

anyways, it was a bad day, today.


recently, things ain't going the way i want them to.
same goes for her.
maybe him too.
and most probably, you too.

why is that?



monday's test sucked like nobody's business.
so bad i wanted to flush myself down the toilet, together with the 160 bucks.

plus common test results are back,
this time, it ain't good. not at all.

and you know, i did practically NOTHING for the entire week.
and i've wasted away the first week of my holidays, i feel so sad i wanna start over.

went out with bestie on friday. and damn. even on that day we don't get no peace.
poor girl's handphone got pick-pocketed. and the person should most probably go **** him/herself and die a slow painful death. tyvm.
hey sweetie!! cheer up alright!! <3

pardon my emo-ness. please.
and hey, you know what?
imma let it go right about now. you should too :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009


i have a french test tomorrow and i completely forgot about it.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

so now i shall rant about attachment.

this time, staff nurses there were quite good as compared to previous wards.
HOWEVER. it still sucked.

never got to see a normal delivery (the one thing that you don't ever get to see again, and is also the one thing i've been looking forward to, most)
- in this case, i might as well transfer over to kkh okay. at least got xuanah there lor. so wasted.

also how is it possible that an idiot(literally) who doesn't even know
- where the clean linens are
- where the blankets are (even when its RIGHT in front of her)
- how to change a BABY'S diaper
- to take responsibility of her OWN call-bells
(the list could go onnnnnnnn)
and still dare boast about it.

a freakin' B is a grade higher than so many, MUCH better, students.
and its just not fair.

its either they were all blind or the bitch butch is a really really good actress actor.

too pissed to carry on. bye.

Friday, June 26, 2009

In Memoriam

and as if the fact that attachment sucked wasn't bad enough...

this morning, news of the passing of “King of Pop” Michael Jackson, aged 50, reached Singapore. and twitter was FLOODED with condolences from celebs and people in general.

and so did news of Farrah Fawcett, best known for her role in tv serie's Chalie's Angels.

while i didn't know very well, who Farrah Fawcett was,
i sort of grew up listening to Michael Jackson, watching his concerts on tv and stuff. and like people all over the world, i too remember the first time i watched the Thriller video and the first time we all saw the legendary Moonwalk. and of course the smooth criminal video.

alright, so imma stop boring all of you right about now.
below, is's Tribute To Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson - The Legendary Motown 25 Performance (GO SEE 3:40!!!)
Michael Jackson - Thriller
Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
Michael Jackson - Black or White (this is just too cute!! feat. Macaulay Culkin)

Monday, June 22, 2009

so how was work?

well, the first week of attachment is over, finally, and it ain't good, but it ain't too bad either..

posted to O&G ward in NUH, wasn't what i expected. so the plan was every one of us would get only ONE day in the nursery and ONE day in the delivery suite. and the remaining days would be spent in the general O&G ward.

been to the nursery already, on the 18th, and i quite like it there i would say.

delivery suite on the 24th.. hope its full..

oh, and in the general wards, somehow, nothing much really happens so we end up doing the usual stuff, parameters and all..
but its still good...

sighhh... pm shift tmr.. bet time is gonna cccrrraaawwwllll......

and the PDA we bought for 550bucks just sucks. plus the internet connection works only when it feels like it = sucks even more.


moving on, i totally wasted my entire saturday, basically just fixing the damn internet connection again, and i'm so sick of it disconnecting all the time!!! damn...

okay.. not much to update on. so imma just post some random links... muahhaha

Short Film- A Thousand Words
okay, this one is totally awesome. its one of those stories when you understand what going on if you watch till the end.

Joe Jonas Dances to Single Ladies
haha okay, this one's really uh... indescribable.. haha bet some of you watched this alr..

T-Swizzle and T-Pain Rap Thug Story
and this is just cool even ryan seacrest twittered bout it.
and one of the highest voice you'll ever hear rapping.
and it doesn't hurt that its kinda catchy. haha
check out T-Pain's "BIG ASS CHAIN"
(this is a spinoff of her hit song "Love Story".)

Some people said she's just copying Natalie Portman though.
Natalie Portman Uncensored Rap (feat. andy samberg!)
super vulgar natalie portman, betcha never expected this from her

My Milk Toof

cute stuff.. lols

more cute stuff..
sighh.. if only such stuff exists in singapore.. heh.

GMH- Gives Me Hope
the optimists' version of F***MyLife

The Hillywood Show

they are who i call the SUPER AWESOME spoof producers.
damn spot-on, down to the makeup, actions and personality of the characters they portray.
check it out! haha
famous for their Dark Knight, Sweeney Todd(<3<3<3) and Twilight (<3 this too) spoofs.
new moon spoof will be out in 2010. LOLs.
(ps: they are like super hot too okay!!)

Twilight Widowers
uh-huh. title speaks for itself. written by a SUPER humorous guy.

Justin Timberlake as Ginger Bread Man

okay, imma end here, one more week of work!! go people!! :D

ps: i'm like super addicted to Harper's Island i need rehab. okay, i'm just exaggerating.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


just a short update...

yesterday was the debut of the 2009 MTV Movie Awards in Singapore in MTV Asia!!!
so if you didn't catch it for some reason, or you didn't know about it, of you don't have MTV Asia.

or your Youtube isn't working. (YEA I'M TALKING BOUT XUANBA) LOL.
faster watch it here okay!!! before it gets removed for violation crap. HAHA


okay i dunno why i'm typing in caps. GO WATCH IT


and i think i screwed up at least 2 out of the five papers.

anyway, had fun with them 3 pretty lovelies ytd!! :D

and and and attachment is starting on mon!!! 2 weeks long.
and i dunno if i'm ready!!! GAHH
and already, there are projects to prepare for.

i shall end very abruptly here. bye.


ps: click here if you cant see the vid ;P

Friday, June 5, 2009

hahaha far too late. took you long enough.

any objections?
can i say yes?
yes, but extreme, incomplete, desperate brain washing will take place.

therefore, final answer will be no.
So, "no".

tell me what's the point, if you just turn the whole situation. such that i have no choice but to stupidly agree with whatever. whenever.
after all, i don't matter huh?

next time, don't ask, then don't ask.
want to ask, ask from the start.
get it?

how convenient eh? coming to me solely for help.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


you guys probably have already seen this. but ome. its cooooool!!! teehee!! watch it in full screen!!


ohh.. and Twilight won like 5(FIVE) freakin' MTV movie awards k. super.


think imma go crazy soon.
i said i don't want to move okay. said it to the walls.
just eff off and solve your own freaking problem.
even I have a plan. and look who was more favoured all this while.
turns out, people change, and they don't seem to know who they are hurting most.
nope. not me. try harder.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mad World

the weekends sucked.
super noisy. super crazy.
and cause of what?

at least, thank god i'm not involved.
but still.
and i can foresee that the next weekend will be the same, probably worse?
cos history kinda repeats itself..

sigh. common test is in two A week. and i've barely started revision.
even worse now.
the monday after THE next weekend will be common test already.

so many things to think about.
so many things to decide.
so many things to change. and are about to change.

may i also add that, maybe, just maybe, you are making a mistake?

oh, and add an extra problem to my agenda please thank you.


also, she, they, whoever, NEVER gets the hint. do they?
3rd time around. still asking.
get get that idea out of your systems. is it that hard?
what is there to hold on to?

absolutely. nothing.


this seems to be my current writing style.
clipped. short. super disgusting.
sign of mental retardation. or whatever.
would you help me?

Monday, May 25, 2009

(school project school project) X 100

okay, so today i had my NSL practical exam.
got the 12 Cranial Nerves Assessment.
and basically, i passed, but it sucked cos we were taught the wrong thing, and that the teacher had a permanent **** face and didn't know how to compromise.

exam is in less than 2 weeks time...
better get a move on..

2 projects and a mel quiz due on this coming friday..

oh, and lately, something's wrong with me.
and i dunno what.
probably exhaustion + PMS + shit happenings.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not a word of Thanks.

if you yourself practice it, why tell on others? so, how does it feel to have the same done back to you?

its just not fair. and no, you're not nice. at all.

and then you wonder, why they say that. you all but refuse to look at the mirror in front of you, and that, in itself, is the problem.

its a no wonder why they just disappear you know? and i don't blame them.. well, not quite..

and whoever gave you that wretched idea that i would ever go with you? especially with that attitude, you think so too highly of yourself. pity you know.

is it such a bad thing that some people require to do double? no, it isn't.
but do YOU understand? no, you don't.
why? maybe cause you're blessed. but maybe, you're blind too.

so why don't you reflect and put yourself in other peoples shoes. maybe by then, you'll see.

Like water...

hello ya all!! :D i haven't been blogging lately... i know.. but there's either, just nothing to blog about, or stuff i can't blog about. which sucks. so would someone, anyone just give me inspiration..?

alright. so today, turns out i really didn't go for the class outing. which sucks too.
ah, well, nevermind bout that i guess..

spent my day on tv, computer, and what not.. moping about..
and the brother is back again for 2 days.. haha.. he sat on me again.. watever.

besides that, nothing much going on.. other than school, of course, which sucks worst. so far,
3 Presentations down

but then, in the next couple of weeks..
Psych Assignment will be due
NSL Practical freakin' Exam (which i will probably not do well for.)
NS 4 Written Assignment will be due

all right. that's about it for today then..

of course it doesn't make a difference.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

have faith

so i spent the day doing the freakin' NSL project with hamy and xuanah lovelies..
a wasted trip to HPB & SGH, and then some. ended up at vivo.
and all that's left is a visit to the doctor and pamphlet printing, presentation planning and abit of sorting out and we're done.. i hope.

long way to go...

tomorrow shall be spent on doing homework.


oh, and i came across these on msn just now..

20 Cancer Symptoms Women Are Most Likely to Ignore
25 Cancer Symptoms Men Are Most Likely to Ignore
Pains Men Should Not Try to Macho Through

people who are fine should not be paranoid.
and people who are already paranoid should try and control your paranoia, thank you.


sorry, i'm just trying to blog for the sake of trying to blog. muhahaha

Friday, May 1, 2009

its coming on again. hate you all, i really do.

week 2 was a slow, long, mundane week.
and the most interesting thing that happened was the placenta.
oh and chomel too, ham's kitten who has a very unkittenly behaviour.

and week 3 is starting soon.
which brings on the deadline of a few projects. not done yet.

- DM worksheet
- french homework

- NSL presentation

- NS 4 presentation

thank god its labour day.
so, the brother is home, out of camp for a day and a half. haha.

can you stay strong? can you go on?

there are just too many people i can say this to right now. plus one.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

party last night

sucked big time.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


did you hear the rattling of the window grills, and the slam of a door somewhere in your house? the howls of wind? the tiniest of branches breaking off? the wind came in gusts, huge violent gusts. like in a sweeping circular motion all around the clearing in the park downstairs. lasted just 10 mins or so.. it was phenomenal..


school sucks by the way, damn.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

picking up where i left off...

i finally, successfully got myself to resuscitate this blog, haha, i HOPE i remember what happened.. here we go! :)

09 April 2009
- Last day of attachment 1.2b (can't say i LOVE it, but i can't say i hated it (entirely) either), end of sore feet, end of waking up at ungodly hours, end of trying too hard, for now at least. but its, at last, the end of Year 1.. thank god, its been a bumpy year of drama and work.
- Met up with Ham, Xuan and Siti darlings for a short night out of FUN :P

it was so close i could have a heart attack
13 April 2009
- Monday, family and grandma sent bro off to pulau tekong for NS enlistment..
hahaha, i couldn't get over how comfy the place was!! definitely NOT what i imagined. LOL

14 April 2009
- went to (the super dusty)salvation army with xh:).. came out with a skirt, a bag, and MAJOR flu, i had to take a pill. i swear my nose could have fallen off and i would have been super happy.
had dinner, caught F&F4 after that and went to lot1 to walk ard somemore..
may2 dearie caught up w/ us after her yoga and we ended up at nyny for dessert.
15 April 2009

- went for a day out to orchard with nydia love :)
had sakae till we felt almost sick, walked ard wisma for abit and basically just chilled...
camwhored w/ nydia's cam, and i'm so fugly i can't believe it.

16 Apr 2009
-xh came down to my place for a VERY impromptu visit. :O
thanks so much for the whaley top sweetie!! :P

and we had maggie mee...
17 Apr 2009
-met up w/ nydia again for MORE shopping, at clarke quay and vivo.. :D

18 April 2009
-stayed home and zoned out infront of the comp all day cos my mum "cancelled" on me to be "with her phone". LOL
don't ask. haha

and so, tomorrow will be the 20th of April, which marks the start of Year 2.

Monday, April 6, 2009

4 more days...

i spent my weekend on some things.. and THAT movie. thirteen.
and i loved it.
hats off to nikki reed and catherine hardwicke mainly. if you haven't watched it, you really should.
storyline was really deep and insightful. and sad when you realise what its about..
co-written by nikki reed, on nikki reed's own life. super.
and the acting was top-notch too, man. totally worth it.

hmm.. and yes, attachment ends in FOUR days time. like FOUR freakin' days.
so effin' happy i tell you.. MUAHAHAHA

and its just past midnight!!
love ya tons woman!!! muahhh~

Monday, March 30, 2009

9 days to go...

hello world.

hmm.. so basically, five days of attachment passed, as expected? sian, but not so sian, but still sian.
and there's a freakin' case study to do too...

6th day of work starting soon.. morning shift. totally sucks la. LOL

okie, anyways, i've updated my rotting playlist... and stuff..
well, nothing much to write about, but

may you stay pretty and happy as always babe~~ <3<3<3
best wishes~! :D

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Attachment starts tmr...

4 weeks flew by...
too quick...
i bet the next three's gonna c r a w l along like nobody's business...
wish me luck.

bye, freedom.

Friday, March 20, 2009


results are out already..
i'm pleased :)
GPA of 3.4
not a bad way of concluding Year 1 (sans CA), i would say.
not an easy feat at all, for a brain like mine..

and the time tables are out too.
the teachers are all new. NONE of whom i've met at all.. creepyyy

everyday life

hello people!!
well, so i finally forced myself to type...
hmm.. well.. nothing much to say..

so lately, to sum it all up,
i've re-read the twilight saga,
been stuck on youtube 24/7 watching mindless stuff,
stuck on facebook's pet society,
gave up on facebook's pet society,
baked muffins, oddly enough 1/2 the tray was successful, the other half burnt. yea convection setting. remind me.
applied for a 4-day job a tad too late, hence, failure in aquiring it -.-,
finally applied for the french course,
moped around like a slug,
packed on the pounds.. (the jiggly kind)..

and basically, i think my comp will be like so happy it'll just jump out the window when attachment starts, hmm, which is in like.. 3 days.. uh-oh.. yeah.. its that near and i JUST realised the urgency of it all.. DAMN!

okie. anyway,

bits of stuff to check out (a few of the reasons behind combustion of my laptop, if it ever were to happen) :-

Boom! Roasted.

- Very Hilarious Interview (this is sooo funnay! like i've watched it a gazillion times and still can laugh at it)

- Lookbook (occasionally still stuck on it)

- F*** My Life (this one is so sadistically-entertaining! haha you read bout people and the silly things some of them do and the totally weird things that happen to them. LOL! okay, i'll quote a few.)

Today, I slept over at my friend's house but forgot my glasses. When I woke up in the morning, I came out of his room and forcefully kicked what I thought was a soccer ball on the floor. Turns out it was his miniature poodle - it fell down a long flight of stairs. FML

Today, I went to my friend's house. While she went to the kitchen, I noticed a little pink pastry on her desk. It looked really good, so I decided to take a bite before she got back. As I bit into it, a sizzling noise started, and foam overflowed in my mouth. It was a bath bomb. FML

Today, I stayed over at my grandparents' house. I woke up and had to brush my teeth. My grandma asked if I had found a toothbrush to use. I told her that I used my old purple toothbrush. She told me that was the toothbrush she used to brush her toenails. FML

Today, I was wearing my workout clothes that consist of short shorts and a tank top and was walking to my car. I then heard a bunch of men whistling and saying "Who's your daddy?" and "Why don't you come over here, cutie." As I got closer I realized that it was my dad and his friends. FML

Today, our school had tryouts for chorus. Everybody sang a snippet of the song together until the teacher stopped us, saying it sounded awful. He singled me out and told me to sing alone. After I sang the part, he said, "Son, your gift to God will be silence." FML

Today, I was curling my eyelashes in my bathroom and while I was counting to 5 my brother flung open my door. I jumped and ended up ripping out all my eyelashes. Now I have to wait until they grow back. FML

Today, I realized that my roommate has been using my loofah to clean our toilet. I've been cleaning myself with the shit of four college boys for the last six months. FML

Today, I waited two hours for my turn in the hospital. I was sitting next to an old lady with Alzheimer who asked me 43 times if I wanted a biscuit. FML

Today, I got a text message. My phone was sitting on the edge of the bed and set on vibrate, so it fell off. I reached down to grab my phone and fell off the bed. My macbook landed on top of me. I fractured my arm and broke my laptop to read a text from facebook. FML

okie, that's about it.


its 20march2008 already. and in about 6 hours or so... ... ...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Leopard-Printed world

i did my nails today. yay! took about 3 tries before i got it right. but it paid off.. sorta.. haha

also, today, attachment started for the first batch today..
good luck!! :D

i am so NOT looking forward to my turn...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

catching up...

i'm back!! woots!~~ i haven't been blogging for a long long time alr!!


first day of the hols!! went to marina with may2 and nurxuanah. haha. had fun.
bought a pair of sandals. like finally. and so begins the unbelievably-broke era.

basically i paid back my sleep debt accumulated over the exam period..
and i slept like i died.

went to lib w/ nurxuanah for a couple of super nice movies..
then used the comps there for a bit..

spent today sorting out all the digitalised gunk in my lappie. it was horrific.
cleared up my room and sorted out the notes from the semester.

oh my god. its march already.
granny came over.
continued sorting out the junk in my comp. lol
and then, when i was done, i went onto youtube and have been stuck on it ever since. muahaha

so that's about it. not very interesting huh.

very down lately.. post-exam i guess. but wadever.
take care you all!! ^^

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i hope you are fucking happy now.

do NOT pardon me for the vulgarities in this post. fuck it.
fuck you . fuck him. fuck everybody.
what the hell is wrong with you? all of you?

so you're putting everything on me again? why? like i said. favouritism. the reasoning done a few months back was a lost cause. as it always have been. even the one, years back. fuck that. when did you ever ever stop and listen to me? or yourself for that matter? do you have any fucking idea how goddamn ridiculous you sound?

please reflect alright. god knows if you will. maybe when it rains money, will you ever reflect.

me again. its all me. and for what? the cause? just a tiny tiny little matter. and you treat it like the sky is falling down.
from this one little thing. ONE. you jump to 3 fucking out-of-point, meaningless, pointless conclusions. how lame is that? just to make me feel bad.
nope not working. sad to say. go ahead.

cos i don't bloody care.

after so many years, you of all people should have worked out that i've gotten used to it. haven't you figured it out? oh, sorry, i forgot you don't have the fucking ability to do that, cos your too dumb.

the fucker's enjoying it? oh, so what?

so go on. side that fucker all you want. see if it breaks me.

Friday, February 20, 2009


to all taking their papers!!!

tomorrow's the first.
not really prepared.
i feel so dead.
i wish i hadn't looked at the past year papers. damn.

and pharmaco ain't the worst of the lot.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

lets all mug till our brains turn into liquid~

xuandoo take one leh!! ye eh leh!!! XD

HAH. HAH. HAH. i don't feel human nemore.. think i've gone slightly mad.

holding on to the goody-two-shoes attitude. mugging since monday. with xuandoo. LOL gonna go all out now

just the way to go. as always.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

do a little dance not a care in the worlddd

yeah!!! school is O-V-E-R. like finally.

but then study week starts today.
imma complete that aap quiz and pharm mock test by today. then decide where to start.
LOL. try to start.

20Feb - Pharmaco Exam [9-11am]
21Feb - FON Exam
23Feb - AAP Exam [9-11am]
24 Feb - CMBio Exam [2-4pm]

can't wait man.
but soon after, clinical attachment will start for 3 friggin' weeks
and then, year 1 ENDS!!! :D


Happy Valentine's Day!!! <3<3<3

Friday, February 13, 2009

Just one more day!!!


if nr doesn't make the cut i swear imma just die.

if i don't pass my fon class test tmr...

after nr, after fon, one more Pharm mock exam to pull through, plus AAP e-quiz 1?

we shall see..

this week has got to be the worst week since poly started. ever.

How can I decide what's right
When you're clouding up my mind?
I can't win your losing fight
All the time.

Nor can I ever own what's mine
When you're always taking sides
But you won't take away my pride.
No, not this time.
Not this time.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


all over again.


nsl theory sucked as well. i'll leave it at that.


NR presentation by tmr. die
NR 2000 report by friday. die X 1000000

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NSL Practical SUCKED big time

i did "not so good leh".

yea. and thats that. go figure. i got my previous CI for the assessor lor. Kimberly Ng. excellent right. not.

anyways over le. i dun care alr. if its a D so be it la. LOL
i think i passed. i think. she didn't say anything.

so tmr there will be NSL Theory test. for which i think i'll do badly too.
esp those memorisation stuff. =.= which is quite practically everything, no?

imma go study like now. so buh-bye.

For those who've yet to take your NSL, GOOD LUCK!!! =D

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday AhMa!!

haha!! yup.. moi granny's b'day today :D
she is so uber cuteee!! XD love her lots

went over to my uncle's house for the celebration.. loads of ppl la.. LOL
pics are with cuzzie.. so too baddd


schedule changed again

10Feb - NSL Practical Test, Pharmaco Project due
11Feb - NSL Theory Test
12Feb - NR re-do Assignment due
13Feb - NR Written Assignment due, FON Class Test
16Feb - Study Week
20Feb - Finals

20Feb - Pharmaco Exam
21Feb - FON Exam
23Feb - AAP Exam
24 Feb - CMBio Exam

CMBio Quiz on MeL

exam on a saturday is "excellent".
so are exams in the STUDY week itself. wow right. i thought study week is meant for studying..

good lord.. now what?


and tmr, is gonna be like =.=
S&W lessons are over. + AAP lectures and practicals are done.
so imma like go sch at 2pm for just ONE friggin' hour of lecture.

i'm so not in the i NEED to study mood lor.
nevertheless, i'm hitting the books.